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Hi Joe,

question from someone new to the sport. I've religiously followed your "Your first triathlon", made it to my first race, and loved it.

I was wondering what's in between this point (after my first race) and something more advanced like your triathlon bible. I did briefly read the introduction of it, and you suggest to take it back after 3 years of experience in the sport. I would be more than happy to just repeat the same 12 weeks training over and over, but I am not sure this would be the right approach (I don't remember reading it anywhere).

So, in short, what kind of training is recommended in between Your First Triathlon and The Triathlete's Training Bible?

Joe Friel

Javier--The next best step iOS to do some Olympic/standard-distance races. I've got training plans for different distances and levels of experience here: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/coach/joe-friel#trainingplans (Be sure to read the "Preview" before purchasing a plan.) I'd suggest waiting until you got at least 2 years of racing under your belt before trying as 70.3 should you decide you want to do longer races. Good luck!

Jan Marsal

Hi Joe, I'm following your olympic distance training plan from Your Best Triathlon and I've also recently got your Powermeter Handbook and found it an awesome book in all aspects but I've noticed there are no references for olympic draft-legal specific workouts for the build phase.

Here in Spain draft-legal races are a standard thing so I would like to know what key workouts would be a good idea to change or modify in order to adapt them. Also do you think it's a good idea to introduce a weekly group ride with match burning intervals like the one from the Road Racer chapter?

Thank you!

Joe Friel

Jan Marsal - Thanks for reading my books, Jan. Yes, for draft legal racing you will need to add more high intensity training, especially anaerobic endurance (AnE) workouts. And, yes, group rides with high intensity help to accomplish some of that type of training.

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