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Hi joe - I'm enjoying reading version 5, but I was curious about why you and Coggan differ on the definition of zone2/3 For heart rate? Your bresknpojnt is 89% FTHR whereas his is 83%. Any insight would be appreciated thx

Tom Robinson

Joe Friel

D, Good question. I don't think it makes any difference which you use SO LONG AS the choice works for the training methodology you are using. If you are training based on his workouts etc then you should use his zones. Same for mine--or whoever's training methodology you follow. Good luck!


Hi Joe,

I am just finishing your book - Power Meter Handbook and I want to start your new book. Unfortunately I am in Middle East region and I like to know if there is any E-Book version of your book available so that I can get it now :) Otherwise I have to wait until Amazon delivers it.

Best regards


Joe Friel

Chveneburo - I'm sorry to say there isn't an e-version of any of my books. I'd love to see that with all of them but not going to happen. My publisher doesn't do them and the tables and figures that the books rely on can't easily be described.


Hi Joe,

I started training for a triathlon with your triathletes training bible and discovered cycling with it. Now i want to go all in on the cycling. My question is:"Does the training and programming differ much between the books from the cycling in the triathlete's training bible and the cyclists training bible ?. I am still a beginner in the sport

Best regards


Joe Friel

michiel - It really depends what type of bike race you are preparing for. If it's a time trial then the bike portions of The Triathlete's Training Bible will work fine. But if it's road racing (cries, etc) then it won'y get you ready. Good luck!

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