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Michael Ishøi

Dear Joe,
This is... a really good post which momentarily brings back memories of Jan Olbrecht's incredible work - thank you!



Seems most get "active" recovery wrong and it's advisable to plan for "passive" recovery days. Plus, many need to rest the mind and recharge mentally for the next workout.

Michael Ishøi


In response to your reply, it also seems to me that most get the course of training adaptions wrong. I think, that to many people overlook the phase of stabilization and especially the length of it which follows the first phase of fast adaptions. I won't go into details, but to many simply train to hard on meso-cyclus level and miss the "wave pattern", and therefore miss the desired adaptions.



Been at this a while and it's clear to me that terms like Base and Build cycles are relative to the athlete with little or no uniformity other than one seems to be defined as easy and the other defined as hard.

I agree that mesocycles should be reserved for key periods of the season, allowing for less focused, less structured months of general fitness. Some call hiking, walking, running, weight lifting, XC or Bacountry skiing, and swimming Base--I call it a break from the focus of the bike.

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