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Hi Joe,
I'm a road cyclist who use to do running and trail running as cross training in fall/winter. With little specific training I did my first 50k trail a few weeks ago, and next season i'd like to do both bike and (ultra)trail-running races, not stopping running at spring anymore. I absolutely loved your cyclist's training bible but now i'm looking for something to program the next season doing regularly running and cycling, do you think i could use your triathlon's bible's as a base to train for both these sports, perhaps modifying the periodization of disciplines depending on the kind of event i target? Because i'd like to progress from a "cross-training mode" to a multi-sport one but need the training bases to do so.
Thank you from Italy

Axel Sautter

Joe, any plans to also update the cycling bible? Alternatively, how useful would the new triathlon bible be for roadies/TTer? Thanks!

Joe Friel

Axel Sautter--I'm currently rewriting it in its entirety. On chapter 4 of 14. Should be on the shelves in about a year. I'd be highly suspect of using the Triathlete's Training Bible as a guide for a roadie except in the most general of applications such as understanding the basics of training, but not specific details.

Joe Friel

can't--If the road events are moderate steady states then yes that should work ok. If they are variably paced with considerable anaerobic efforts then no.

Carlos Nobrega

Is your new book better suited for amateur triathletes, or is it also suitable for elite triathletes?
From what I read in the reviews, it seems that it is more suitable for amateur triathletes, unlike the 4th edition, which was more directed to elite triathletes.

Joe Friel

Carlos Nobrega--It's mostly intended for age groupers. But there are some sections I believe that elites would get a good deal of insight from, such as the chapters on periodization (esp block), breakthrough workouts, and crash periods.

Carlos Nobrega

What book are the best for competitive triathletes or elite triathletes?

Joe Friel

Carlos Nobrega--Sorry but I don't know if any such books.


Hi Joe,

Is there an eBook version?


Joe Friel

Weslley--Publisher just told me today it's almost done. So any day now. I'll announce it on twitter.

Matt J

Hi Joe - I haven't read the previous editions, but in Ed. 4 you use Coggan's 20min test to calculate FTP and FTPa values. Is this your current recommendation? I thought I'd read on your site that the 30min test (without any 5% adjustments as per Coggan's) is your current recommendation.

Sorry if you've answered this elsewhere!


Joe Friel

Matt J--There are _many_ ways to estimate FTP. The 20min test is the most common.

Account Deleted

Hi Joe,

I've read your edition of the training bible in preparation for my first ironman in july 2018. Loved the book.

I've got a question regarding the tables for annual hours and tss please.

Using the guide for annual training volume, the higher end suggested goal range to "finish the race" is 700 annual hours and/or 30,000 tss.

Taking the Prep period as an example this translates to 12 hours per week and 480 tss per week.

However, even if I had to do all the 12 hours in the prep period in Z1, this would equal a TSS score of 720.

I appreciate that these do not need to equate exactly and are just guides, but the difference from 480 to 720 sound to significant to be correct.

What am I missing?


Joe Friel

MyGuideMalta--A formula for determining workout TSS is IF squared x duration in hours x 100. The average IF over a long period of time, such as a period of training, for nearly all athletes, is 0.70. So plugging that into the formula means that average per hour is 49. So the total for an entire season of 700 annual hours is 34,300. My 30,000 was just a rough estimate. Change it to be more specific to your needs but keep the 70/hour on average as a reference point.

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