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Anecdotally it seems that fatigue in one sport (swimming) doesn't necessarily impact on, say, running in the same way that it would impact, say, bike.

how to measure fatigue for swimming then? more specifically how measure the fatigue IMPACT on another sport.

Joe Friel

The5krunner - Good point. Yes, there's no doubt that fatigue in some sports in generally more conducive to poor performance in others. Running is probably the most likely to produce the most fatigue for triathletes.

Saeyorn Sivanesan

Hi Joe.. bit of a question/ suggestion here. Your above post resonates solidly with what i am using Training Peaks for.
I'm into obstacle racing; I use it for ATP and to keep track of my fatigue; So the TP PMC is customisable that we can choose to have multiple PMCs on our dashboard and have it with different attributes as per above post which is great. But what I also like to use TP for is to log all my activities (social cricket/yoga/hiking etc) and have them come up on my PMC so i have a good stat on where my fatigue is at. What TP lacks is that when i do that, these other activities hours get counted against my ATP hours, which you really don't want coming up as you want only run and str workouts that matter to come up in the ATP.

Joe Friel

Saeyorn Sivanesan--I understand. Please write to support@trainingpeaks.com to see if anyone there has a solution.

Fady Megally

Hi Joe,
I've been cycling for few years now with the goal of improving threshold power and endurance for time trials type of events. using your books as a guide and trainingpeaks+power meter for tracking progress, which has been more or less matching my goals since I'm not competitive.

The only problem is i've neglected upper body strength training which has lead to what I believe is muscle mass reduction and a couple of shoulder dislocations in 2 incident (unrelated to cycling).

I've made it my goal to rebuild upper body strength/mass and tone. So I'm doing strength training (medium reps to gain both endurance and mass) 3 days a week. Genetically I'm not a huge gainer (6'0" 170lbs) so I'm not worried about bulking up. But I'm concerned that if I do that + 3 or 4 rides a week I'd be overtraining and losing on both fronts. I definitely don't want to suffer a drop in threshold power.

I know your book cover strength training in a whole section, but I think I'm after more mass gains.

a- Please advise if it that's attainable keeping threshold power the same.

b- Can you please briefly explain the interference between the two types of exercise.

c- please advise with any program or resource that I could use a foundation to build a plan.

Joe Friel

Fady Megally - Unless you get really serious about building upper body strength/mass - such as several hours/week lifting - I seriously doubt if there is any downside to your power from what you suggest doing. If it was lower body mass you were trying to build that may be different. But again it would take a lot of such training to have negative consequences for your on-bike fitness. I don't know of any good resources for what you're asking about. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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