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Jonathan Schnabel

Hi thanks for this post.
I am not familiar with these fatigue stages. What is stage 3?
Do you think a good moment for an over-reaching training is just before a 'rest and recovery' period?

Joe Friel

Jonathan Schnabel--Stage 3 is non-functional overreaching: Very high perceived fatigue, performance decline apparent, several days of rest required to restore training, performance not improved after rest. Yes, planning recovery after a stressful month, week or even a few days of hard training is always a good idea.


Hey Joel, thanks for the post!

What's your view on how this differs from short-course training and racing to long-course? Do you think that the level of fatigue should be the same (that is, same level of overreaching) for a sprint distance athlete as an Ironman athlete if they're equally competitive?

Or do you think the sprint distance athlete would end up doing too much high-intensity training, since that would be necessary due to the lower volume to get to similar over-reaching?

Curious to here what you think!

All the best,

Mikael Eriksson

Joe Friel

SciTriat--I believe training in any sport, regardless of the distance, requires a mix of about everything. The only issue is how much of each type of training do you do for a given sport/race distance. I believe that must be determined within the context of a periodization model based on the concept that the closer you get to the event the more like the event workouts must become. In other words, if you're training for long course, somewhere in the last few weeks you must do a lot of long-course-like workouts--not sprint-like workouts.

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