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Hi Joe, Is the TSS score any less accurate for workouts that incorporate neuromuscular sprints? My power profile suggests I'm more of a sprinter, so these short high intensity efforts are easier for me to sustain. I feel as though during these type of workouts I can really push a high TSS score and not feel as fatigued as when producing the same TSS score at a tempo pace. I found that even one hard sprint can really inflate the TSS score of an otherwise easy workout. BTW, big fan of yours, my cycling abilities have improved greatly since getting your Cyclists Training Bible.

Joe Friel

Claudio - You're right. TSS is not a perfect system. But probably better than all of the others.

Patrik Hast

Hi Joe!

I have questions that is a bit off topic but still about CTL. During last week before a race how much should CTL drop? (obviously impossible to give a straight answer but approximately)

I understand from your books that CTL must drop in order to get form, and the point is to reach maximum TSB at race day. What if you've trained too much or hard so you wont reach the estimated maximum of the curve ie 30TSB. How should one handle that situation, train according to the plan or is it better to rest? Or do fewer taper reps in combination with rest?

Thanks in advance

Joe Friel

Patrik Hast-- I plan so that on race day the CTL has dropped about 10% from the start of the Peak period and so that TSB is _usually_ in the range of +15 to +25. But some people race better with a TSB of around +10. Don't know why. Physiological? Psychological? I see no reason why these numbers can't be achieved if one has 2-3 weeks to taper/peak for the race. The only possible reason would be not planning.


Hi Joe,

I was wondering what makes the PMC values to not be a true representative of what my body is feeling? The current values of my TSB is showing that I'm fresh but my legs is heavy and I'm in the state of fatigue.

My CTL has drop showing I'm in a bit of detraining phase, ATL went down, TSB went up but the legs seems to be not following what the PMC is guiding me at the moment. Any idea or helps?

TSB at 7.7 now, but I have trained with TSB as low as -30 and was still fresh and strong, but not at the moment. How true and accurate is the PMC as a representative of my trainings?


Joe Friel

sempahriders--There are a lot of variables here I don't know about you such as types of workouts (aerobic vs anaerobic), what your strengths/weaknesses are, lifestyle matters (work, family, stress, etc), and on and on. And then there's the value of the PMC--it's the worst possible training model--except for all the others. Sorry I can't be of much help.

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