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hello Joe-
thanks for revisiting this important metric for planning, monitoring, and managing training load. it's great that TrainingPeaks has now added it to the summary screens. When using WKO+ however, I've not found an "at-a-glance" way to include it on my athletes' home screens.

Seems to me an easy way would be if a Performance Management Chart could be created that had "days per point" as an option. but as of now, that isn't possible (as far as I know). of course I can hover on monday-to-monday CTLs and do the math, but even better would be a season-long overview of ramp rate (and crash cycles).

Any suggestions would be most helpful. thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

Joe Friel

Jumpinjackflack--There's a new WKO coming out soon. We'll see what it does with this topic. Thanks for your thoughts.


Hi Joe,

Regarding PMC, should I follow the weekly TSS or the last 7 days of my fitness summary report?

If I follow the weekly TSS from the Trainingpeaks calendar views, it is 362 TSS, but my last 7 days TSS is 512 TSS (shown under the fitness summary report). So it's a bit confusing now.

Thx in advance!

Joe Friel

sempahriders - I'd pay close attention to the last 7 days on a rolling basis.

Andrey Makarov

Hi Joe,
Am I right guessing that CTL Ramp Rate and TSB are should depend on each other? If so, is it possible to calculate TSB for a given CTL RR (assuming that RR is constant during last 42 days)? What it would be for RR of 5?


Joe Friel

Andrey Makarov--Yes, you can calculate it but it's a tedious task using a calculator. It's much easier just to input planned TSS per day into TrainingPeaks/WKO and then look to see how that affects your PMC.


Hi Joe, on your program I'm in a rest week for Build 1. I feel like I lost a little too much CTL on my previous rest week. I'm currently at a CTL of 66. What's an acceptable loss of CTL for a rest week? I've been on a 2.5-3 ramp rate for the past 7 days, and that's typical of a build week for me.

Joe Friel

Emoney--I use TSB as a guide for R&R weeks aiming to get into the range of -10 to +10 max. That's still a pretty broad range so it comes down to how you feel at the time. Some people may find that 0 to -10 is enough rest while other find that 0 to +10 is needed. That will even vary with the individual from one R&R to the next. So, sort of a moving target.


Hi Joe, I’ve a personal question about ramp rate. But it’s more about TSB ramp rate.
I usually plan my training to match +20/25tsb the day of an A-priority race (300tss race) and I usually do the last race simulation (or race) ride 7 days before.
So I usually have a negative -30/40tsb 7 day before the race.
Following some of your ideas I plan two rides in the race week with 90seconds race intensity efforts and a ride the day pre-race, so I can match the +20 range the day of the race.
But if use this pattern my TSB has a very fast ramp rate, going from – 30 to +20 in just one week
Do you have experience of how much could be a slow or fast TSB ramp rate important for a good
Can you suggest a minimum of positive tsb days before the A-event?
Thank you very much!!!

Joe Friel

SimoGerb--I've got a couple more parts of this series to go yet. One will address TSB. You bring up an interesting point about TSB ramp rate which I hadn't really thought about before. My only suggestion is that there are probably individual factors that determine what the best TSB ramp rate is just as there is with what race day TSB should be. For some a fast ramp may be better. The only way to find out is with experience. I'd be interested to hear what you determine long term relative to this. Thanks for your comment.


hi joe, thanks for all the info. during pre / base period my CTL rises very slowly, like 5pts /21days. With 1 rest day/per 7 days. this is with 10-12 hrs/wk. All aerobic work for most part and use LTH to base intensity. Does this make sense. or is something set up wrong in TP?

Joe Friel

Jogreg156--I really can't say as I don't know what your daily TSS is or IF. Assuming an average IF of 0.70 that would make for about 500-600 TSS/week. How fast it rises depends on what your CTL is at any given time relative to what your weekly training TSS has been in the previous 6 weeks.

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