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agreed 100%. If a day is down as 'rest' or 'recovery' then often athletes who follow a plan feel able to juggle days around in the plan. Using 'Adaptation day' emphasises the importance of the day being where it is for a specific and important reason. IMHO.


Sorry but I don't think I agree.

Just working hard and feeling a bit rough does not really require a recovery day.

The pros do things quite differently. They will use multi-day tours as preparation for events. They absorb far more in terms of training load. An example is here http://home.trainingpeaks.com/blog/article/how-tinkoff-saxo-manages-fitness-and-fatigue-over-the-season?feed=70c86158-aad7-4b07-8cc3-7c383b9bd61b&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+trainingpeaks%2FXAlX+%28TrainingPeaks+Blog%29

Since this is a PMC it's possible to compare with folks like us. 100CTL for Boaro = 100 CTL for us in terms of impact. The numbers 170CTL -75TSB are simply in a different league to what we would see. You will never see anything like this if you take a day off just because you feel a bit tired.

I am aware there is a cause and effect here. It could be argued that the pros can train this way because they are pros. I would argue that it's at least as much the other way round, they are pros because they train so hard.

I would further observe that the human body is capable of remarkable feats of endurance. Until relatively recently many people would doing jobs requiring manual labour 6 days a week 10 hours a day. Their "PMC" just from this would look like that above. Being inactive is a relatively recent phenomenon and this has caused ungrounded fears about feeling a bit tired. Talk of "overtraining" in the context of someone only spending a few hours a week working out is imo vasty over-rated. While there may be a few people who really suffer from this condition, fear of it causes far more to never reach their potential.

Johan Renbäck

I've always found it hard to know/determine how long the rest period should be after a tough session. Usually I have one rest day between hard sessions, but is there a more precise way of (other than TrainingPeaks TSS) to calculate this?


Joe Friel

Johan Renbäck--Yes, everyone has that same problem. There are some apps and devices that are starting to make this more objective, but it's not fully that way yet. It is still pretty much a subjective estimate of how you feel and what your experience has been with recovering from certain types of workouts.

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