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Joe, I recently read matt fitzgerald's book 80/20 running, In which he cites many studies conducted on recreational and elite athletes that show the optimal intensity distribution for any given sport, cycling, running ect... should be 80 % below your ventilatory threand 20 % above it for the year. and this number would be slightly adjusted depending on sport. ex. Road cycling may be 70/30 due to need for more high intensity work. What do you think of this idea? and in a periodised program im assuming you base would be around 90/10 and build would be around 50/50? to even it out to that 70/30 (im a road cyclist)? what is the yearly intensity distribution for your road cyclist athletes? on average.


Ventilatory threshold*

Joe Friel

JP--There are two ventilatory thresholds. VT1 occurs at about aerobic threshold which is roughly 30bpm below the lactate threshold. That is about VT2. The research shows that most elite athletes training volume is around 80% below VT1 with a big portion of the remainder above VT2. I've written about this many times here in this blog. Just search "polarized" for the posts. How much above VT2 of the remaining 20% depends on the event for which one is training. You asked about distribution for cycling. There again it depends on the event--a 45 min crit or a 3 week stage race. Big difference in distribution of that remaining 20%.

Bert Deruyck

What if I have a 3h run scheduled where I know I'll go above 36k. Should I stop at 30/32 to speed up recuperation or go for the full duration?
I'm training for Challenge Roth using your book 'Your best triathlon'.

Joe Friel

Bert Deruyck - Train for duration, not distance.

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