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Thanks for this post. The study you cite is probably the best conducted I have ever seen. Quite apart from its length it has a very good/representative group of subjects and utilises real life measures in terms of actual competition results which are far more important and convincing than a lab ramp test.

It is a shame that there are not more studies like this.

For my part I am absolutely convinced of the value of including high intensity training throughout the year. Quite apart from the benefits in terms of performance it also makes training more enjoyable, especially during the long "base" period if you throw in some shorter/harder days.


Thanks for digging up this study Joe. I read through it, and I noticed that you've misdescribed the total hours for the treatment group in the second year. Table 4 shows the totals. In year 1 the control group did 649 hours while the treatment group did 670. (This is when they were all on the same program.) In year 2 the control did 688 while the treatment group did 638. As the authors note, this is a nonsignificant difference in total volume between the two groups.

Therefore, I don't think it follows to conclude that this study helps in the "high volume or high intensity" debate. The treatment group did high volume and high intensity. Their training stress was higher overall.

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