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As a 60-year-old mountain biker who's still racing, I'm finding this series of of posts on ageing very useful indeed. Looking forward to the rest of the series.


Would this the same line of thinking apply to preparing an athlete to race in high altitude (when they live and train at sea level)? Meaning - high intensity interval training may be used as a way to help better prepare aerobic conditioning for what an athlete may experience (decrease in VO2 max) when traveling to race at high-altitude?

really helpful post. thank you.


Joe Friel

Liz--The athlete who will be going to a race at an altitude to which they are not adapted must arrive in the best aerobic condition possible. Intervals are one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Scott Matney

Clarifying the point of frequency for triathletes vs. single sport athletes. When you say one maybe two times per week, would this be per sport or total for the week?

Joe Friel

Scott Matney--Thanks for your comment. That's per week, especially if doing anaerobic endurance (VO2max) intervals. Also has to do with how many total reps a person can tolerate in a week. They could be spread out over 3 sports. And some sports are more challenging than others in terms of risk and recovery needs. Running is at the top of that list. Someone who is 50 can probably handle more than someone who is 70. And, of course, there are always remarkable people of all ages who can do more than most. It comes down to who we're talking about. I was giving general guidelines for a mid-curve audience.

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