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Willem J Martins

Joe, thanks for this very informative series. It's always a pleasure to see an email in my inbox, with new quality advice.

Two questions:

1.) Is there real research that shows weight (strength) training as a true benefit? Some advocate that specific training on the bike is time better utilized?

2.) Rather than bother to achieve zone 5/5b, is there any disadvantage to just go absolutely as hard as I can using the same interval times?

Joe Friel

Willem J Martins--The research supports both positions. But the issue here for senior athletes isn't the directt relationship of strength training toperformance, but rather the maintenance of muscles mass which should help to also maintain (or possibly improve) performance. The upper ends of z5/5b are about all you can do all out when the duuration is 3+ minutes.

Stuart Lynne

Cycling Past 50 was my bible when I got started 10 years ago!

Please please please .... its time for the Cycling Past 60 edition.

My "race age" for 2014 is 60 (which means if I was to compete in CycloCross I'd be racing as 60 right now...!)


Joe Friel

Stuart Lynne - This series has been as much a learning experience for me as for the readers. t's given me the impetus to read the latest research since I wrote Cycling Past 50. I am in conversations with a publisher now to write a new book on the subjects, only not just for cyclists this time. Thanks for your interest.

Dennis Massey

Really enjoying this series of articles, look forward to each new blog. This info is coming at the perfect time, the planning of the coming season. In this article you say by the end of the base period you should be doing 15 minutes of aerobic capacity per 9 day cycle. Should this be 15 minutes on one day or 5 minutes every three days? Trying to put all of this together in a complete plan, thanks. Dennis

Joe Friel

Dennis Massey--I think it's most effective all in one session.

Ken Milne

Hi Joe, thanks for this, get the book out soon, I need it.

When you refer to time in your zone 5b do you mean power or heart rate? The way my HR responds 3 minutes at 5b power will be about 90 seconds, or less, at 5b heart rate.

Joe Friel

Ken Milne--Power or pace.

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