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Willem J Martins


"Other than losing weight, there are two primary ways to improve the oxygen-using components of aerobic capacity with training. One is by doing a lot of long workouts. The other is by training with high intensity."

Joe, I have been a keen follower of your cycling bible for many years. Currently I am in the high intensity phase of your suggested programs. At 60, after laying off almost twelve years and now being back for two, I am about 80watts short and 15 pounds overweight. Loosing weight is a challenge at our age. If one counts calories in and calories out including exercise, how much deficit is safe without slowing down metabolism?

Joe Friel

Willem--Please read this: http://www.joefrielsblog.com/2013/08/aging-my-race-weight.html

Mark Bedel

Hi Joe:

I've been following your recent blog posts regarding aging with great interest. As a "senior" athlete I have researched the causes of decline in performance and many of the symptoms seem to circle back to the endocrine system. You mentioned insulin sensitivity in the diet change post positively affecting adipose tissue reduction, red blood cell production and others seem to all have a connection.

The reduction in performance of this integral system seems to result in a cascading, symptomatic affect on just about every system tied to athletic performance.

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