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Dave Brillhart

Joe - great info. I understand that Aerobic Capacity might decline from, say, 60 to 50 over years. But if I'm only sustaining a VO of 35 on a 12 hour ride or 50 mile run, do I care? I'm guessing my LT might also drop by the same ratio, so I guess my VO=35 would be closer to my LT, causing a higher level of exertion, more glycogen use, etc. Is that the issue for sub-maximal efforts with a lower VO2Max?

Joe Friel

Dave B--The longer and therefore slower the event is the less likely VO2max is a predictor of performance. That doesn't mean _unimportant_ tho. But one of the other 2 (LT or economy) must be high then. For ex, Frank Shorter's VO2max was tested at 70. Rather pedestrian for a world class athlete (usually at least high 70s). He made up for that with extremely efficient movement.


Hi Joe: As always, very good research. .as cycling race season winds down, your research makes me (a mid 50's guy) nervous to totally shut down the intensity. . how about one set of 5x5 at 110% of ftp per week just to slow down the aging process?

Joe Friel

Markj2323--That's _probably_ ok, but I'd be more inclined to make it fartlek so there is little structure and more attention paid to how you feel.

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