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Hi Joe,

I have been using TSS for 5 seasons now and I have copies of your training bibles. I am 62. What concerns me is the relationship between TSS, intensity and recovery.

In your current post you say an older athlete should is unlikely to be able to do more than one high intensity session per week however you have said in previous posts that you do alternate 50 and 150 TSS sessions and Coggan says that a 150 TSS session should not result in significant residual fatigue the following day.

If I take my latest high intensity interval session it yields a TSS score of around 70. My current FTP is 270W. The session was a 10 minute pyramid warm up starting at 140W and peaking at 260W followed by 5x3x3 minute intervals at 315W (my current CP6) and 140W and finally a 5 minute warm down at 140W.

On a TSS basis this is not much more than a recovery ride so I should be able to do far more than one session per week. So do I conclude that TSS breaks down as a reliable comparative measure once intensity significantly exceeds FTP? Or is there another explanation?

Joe Friel

Graham--Regardless of TSS, older athletes who have not been doing interval training above FTP are at a very high risk for injury (which I'll get into in a subsequent post) when they start doing it. For the athlete who regularly trains with intervals the risk is much less and they can do more such training.

Hot Dog

So Joe!
If we lose potential as we age, explain Steve Lehman. A world champion in the 2K in his fifties he beats his best time in his sixties. I am getting stronger/faster as I age but am new to my sport returning after over a fifty year hiatus. Came back to help my high BP . Let us not talk max HR as mine is over 180. I have observed over 210 on my monitor. I am bringing my BP down. As it comes down I go faster!

Joe Friel

Hot Dog--Yes, there are many who are exceptions. They make the world very interesting for me.

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