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Jeremias Paul

Any recommendations for where to get a bike fit in Scottsdale? Also, by getting more than one fit done, you mean on the same bike, right? Thanks for your time!

James Burns

I can attest to this very fact. I bought my first tri bike at the beginning of February, but it was several weeks before I could get scheduled for the fit. While I adjusted the bike and rode it, the difference after the 2.5 hour fit was like night and day. Rides that I had struggled with before, became almost easy with the efficiency increases gained by the fit. Thanks for all this info Joe and I am studying your book "Your Best Triathlon" right now and anticipating a great year.

Joe Friel

Jeremias Paul--I've used Bicycle Ranch, Faster and Cyclologic. All are excellent. Yes, on same bike.

Pat Fitzpatrick

Great post Joe.
Skills / Bike Fit is what I call "free speed", you don't have to get fitter to get a lot faster, more efficient & more confident.
Ciao PaT Fitzpatrick Melbourne Australia


Hi Joe,

I remember reading somewhere in the powermeter hand book you mentioned that the weekly IF should be under 0.7 to avoid the risk of overtraining. Does it apply to all periods of training? Even for the build stage? If I skip the recovery day, and just rest, the weekly IF will stay pretty high as the WKO+ only counts in the hard workouts. Do you think it's fine or I should not skip the recovery rides? Thank you!

Joe Friel

Kaiyuan-- The average for a long period of time will typically be around an IF of 0.7. Trying to keep it significantly higher will increase your risk of overtraining. Any day you miss a workout or rest the TSS for that day is zero (0) and will be figured into your average intensity factor. Zeroes obviously will lower the average IF.


I am a fair-weather cyclist and I never thought I needed to get a bike fit. A good friend of mine is an excellent bike fitter and he finally came to my house all the way from Georgia and fit me on my bike. WOW!! What a difference. The impact was incredible and I immediately felt the difference in my efficiency. Whether your competing, commuting, or riding occasionally with friends - go get a good bike fit! It's worth the money - You won't regret it.

Julie Coy Martinez

Hi Joe!

I have a quick question. I'm thinking about doing a 70.3 in May but am training long term for IM Wisconsin. I've completed 2 70.3 races last year but the amount of training I put in for the 70.3 (in your training schedule I'm following) and for the IM in Sept will be a bit different. How do I get them to meet in the middle? Or how do I come up with a comprehensive schedule that will work? Do I just follow the 70.3 for now and then when that's over, go back to the IM Wisc schedule?


Julie Coy Martinez

Kendall County Rouleur

It is no coincidence that there are weekly IF & recovery questions hijacking a bike skills thread, Joe. Poetic irony.

Joe Friel

Julie--It all comes down to priorities. Which is more important for you? Focus your training on that event.

Robin Smith

After quite a bit of practising it, my view is that mental skills are the most discounted. This is just my view, I'm not certain. And the more I look at it the more it gets reinforced.

The first thing is to ignore the experts and the listen to yourself - for any question, how does it feel?

Second, ignore the marketing. In the MTB nationals I watched even the elites get into all sorts of a pickle messing around with water bottles and nutrition strategy for the actual race, for no rationally understood reason. It was a mental limiter for them.

Its all relative. Some skills will be relatively more important and visa versa. The question is which one remedied will have the most power to improve ones performance, all else being equal.

The key is to not stop looking into yourself when what you see there runs counter to your prejudices, and then throw the problem onto an expert. Denial basically.

Yes, once you have got as deep as you can go, then, seek expert advice. This applies outside of sport too in everyday life and the stresses there will impact performance if not addressed internally first, relatively more than other things.

Kurt Lao

Hey Joel, I know it's not the same but would this work for a stationary bike? You know, for those who don't have the time nor discipline to bike a route at a consistent basis.

Joe Friel

Kurt--(I shouldn't answer questions for people who call me "Joel" but continue to do so anyway.) A bike fit works whether you ride indoors or out. Is that what you were asking?

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