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Thank you for your post, it's a really helpful post!!!

I find that it's really hard to be disciplined into not doing too much with many hours planned in my weekly plan because I have a lot of time. I am currently not working and living in California, so the weather always calls for me to go outside. My motivation is always high and would go ride in any weather. I am re-visiting my past years plan looking to improve my weekly plans this time around.

This post is a good reminder and will help.


Very interesting. I have a question.

I'm a 31 year old road rider with two years of racing done. This winter I'm introducing strength training into the regimen and am now starting the Maximum Transition phase of weights work. I'm really enjoying it too.

My question is this: is there a benefit to separating strength work like this from my Endurance rides? Say, not do both on the same day so strength workouts 'bed-in'? Or could combining both on the same day actually be beneficial? Gym in the morning and bike work in the afternoon?

What are your thoughts on this?

Joe Friel

Tom--When in AA, MT and MS I separate rides (and other important workouts) from weights by 48 hours generally. Weights are a major emphasis (key workout) when in these phases. This is generally Prep and Base 1. When in SM, weight workouts are placed so as to not have any negative effects on endurance training/rides (this is generally Base 2-3, Build, Peak). No weights Race week. Hope that helps some.


Thanks Joe, that's very helpful!

I'm in Base 1 and have just moved from AA to MT. The increase in load is giving me a little more muscle tenderness than I had been getting before and I wasn't sure whether to soldier though it or allow some time before riding. You've cleared that up for me now.



I am a little confused by this post. I am using your training bible and Training peaks training program for cat1-2. I am in the build period, but also 48 years old. Right now I dont really have any really hard efforts, just tempo and building hours. Should I also be doing hard group rides too?

Joe Friel

Bob--Probably not. But like I said, it depends on a lot of things about you and your unique circumstances which I know nothing about.


If a road cyclist wants to shift direction from longer road events to a new discipline - say time trialing (or cyclocross or criterium) - where would you put workouts that are focused on becoming competitive in the new discipline? It seems like there might be a big skills component to the workout. Are there any generalities that can be made about where this might fall in the week relative to the "anchor" and "key" workouts.


Joe Friel

Madeleine--Well, I usually make skill development a base 1/block 1 key workout. It's not stressful (which is ok in this period/block) but is critical for success later on. But, as always, how much focus is needed on this depends on the athlete's limiters.


Sorry to bump an old post, hopefully you still check these.

I am finishing up wk3 of Base2. Next week is rest, and the following wk1 of Base3.

However, in 2 weeks, I will be out of town for work. I am thinking about making that the rest week, and extending Base2 another week.

So my question(s) is/are, is this a good idea, how many hours in the bonus week (400 annual plan), should I do it as Base2 or Base 3, and if I do it as Base2, where would be best to subtract a week down the road?

Joe Friel

JOnw9--I'm sorry but I'm overwhelmed with work right now so don't have the time to think through all of your possibilities. But bottom line is that it sounds like you have a good idea of what you need to do. Good luck!


Hi Joe,
Thanks for designing training week and not only it help people to stick with fitness plan weekly but also help them them in leading healthy lifestyle and to reduce the risk of major health problems.

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