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I purchased some CS, on sale, just to see???? This is what I found. I wear them after long runs or races. I can't tell you whether they have helped with recovery, OR NOT, but I can tell you they feel WONDERFUL, when put on after a long run or race,and an ice bath. They feel much better than a regular pair of socks would feel. So for the good feeling, and "just in case" they are providing any benefit, I will continue to wear them post hard effort. (The ice bath - I can tell you, for me - it most definitely helps)

thanks for the info.

Steve Collins

While I'm well aware of effects like placebo, I can state anecdotally, as a back-of-the-pack triathlete who suffers from calf issues when running - I frequently experience small, debilitating tears in the soleus and the muscle fascia surrounding it - that I experience a benefit from wearing CG in the tighter range (>=10mmHg).

My training as a coach (not triathlon, but martial arts and gymnastics - both sports where leg injuries are common) has given me enough physiology and biomechanics smarts to realise that the effect I'm experiencing is probably closer to prophylactic taping than performance enhancing (I'm certainly not any faster).

Overall, I get fewer tears when wearing CG and seem to get less soreness and recover quicker by maintaining use post-exercise.

So, an unscientific sample of one, but one with a positive experience.


I am glad you are brining some discussions to this topic. I've also read much of the science around CG, and have the same opinion.

It's not surprising that the subjective experiences on CG are positive. The sensory input from CG blocks the impulses from muscle soreness.

I would like to see some explanations for the mechanisms that CG might have. If there already have been done I've missed it.


I've spent much of my youth both Jumping out of Airplanes and Ruck Marching. Neither great activities for the knees. Again, it could be placebo but I find when I wear CS for running activity of over 5 miles I have less knee pain while running and 24hrs after running.


The use of compression socks is quite common in some medical conditions and treatments for some time. Not sure if that means they´re effective for sports, but should have some meaning.

From personal experience, I´d say they´re quite comfortable and do provide some relief after hard and long training rides (I´m 41 y.o. master cycling racer). I would NEVER, ever, wear it DURING training - not to mention racing, of course.

I´ve been using compression socks for long, airplane traveling too. They seem to provide some relief as well, but I wonder if it is of any help in avoiding vascular problems as touted by some makers.

Shanna Belcher

Here's an article you can add to your research on compression garments by Marisha G. Agana, MD, MPH1 and Grace D. Brannan, Ph.D.2


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