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Andrew Gowans

I think this is a silly discussion and is really just semantics. It may be correct definition from a physiology standpoint but it the real word it makes little sense. If an athlete is constantly getting sick or their performance decline over an extended period of time then they are overtraining. In the first instance their immune system cannot cope with the stress they are placing on it. They are doing more training then they can cope with. They are going over their limit. Anyone bringing this up on a discussion forum will get lectured about how they are not overtrained they are just tired. Suck it up and stick to the plan. Usually not good advise.

I think this condition is far more common then you think. In over 20 years in and around triathlons I have seen many guys fry themselves and never return to Ironman training or racing. Full blown chronic fatigue symptoms. They leave the sport and never return and that is why you may not think it is a problem. They are not looking for a coach or participating they are gone.

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