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Ryan Sherlock

Looking forward to the next post.

Gian Villlata

Hi Joe, Im coach triathlon from to Venezuelan with athletes level medium and recreational, Im read of Block periodization from to 2004 with prof Yury Verkhoshansky and Fernando Navarro Valdivieso (Swiming coach in Spain and Teacher in INEF Madrid and Castilla with Integrate Macrocycle and ATR aplicated to swimining) Its the best for athlete elite and Medium level with changes ligth. Verkhoshanky publicated recently your book Special Strength Training: Manual for Coaches Edition 2, the best on Block periodization (he no used terminology Periodization , is Concentrated) The aplication in triathlon of BP is very complex and new. ATR is Acumulation Endurance aerobic (AeT and LT), Max Strenght (Coordination Intramusculary) and Tecniche BAsic , Transformation is Endurance anaerobic (Glucolityc capacity and power) Endurance Strength (especific and semi-especific) and Realization is Complex Training Competitive (Training Integrate) Pace Competitive and ALactic Training (speed max).

I read your blog every day. Its good. Thanks . Congratulation. Excuseme my english, Its very bad.


Thanks for the great post. Really looking forward to the next post.

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