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I can't wait for part 4...thank you!


Am I right to think duration is time of individual workouts and volume is more for weekly/monthly cumulative time? How do you determine duration?

Joe Friel

Muhua33 - Yes, correct on first part of post. Not sure what you are asking with last question. Do you mean how do you determine what the duration of a given workout should be? That would take a chapter in a book to answer. It's full of 'it depends.'


how can we do the block periodization for the non advanced athletes?. It's possible ?


I am also very eager to read Part 4. I am hoping you can also address this: My coach says that to eke out that last 1%, it would require more mental training, less physical. How does one know when that tipping point occurs?

Joe Friel

KK--Could be. Depends on the athlete and if they've achieved 100% of potential yet (whatever that is).

Joe Friel

rafael--It's possible to do anything you want in training. Some things just work better than others for athletes at given levels of fitness and performance.

Jaakko Mursu

Thanks again for excellent article, I cannot wait to read that part 4. How long (e.g. in weeks or number of workouts) on average do you think it would good to concentrate on to improve e.g. anaerobic endurance? I have found out that 2-3 workouts tend to produce the biggest improvement and after that it tends to level off or plateau. Would it be better or more effective to have shorter periods e.g. 3 weeks instead of e.g. 6 weeks or longer?

Joe Friel

Jaakko--I'll get into this sort of stuff in part 4. Good question.

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