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Joe--thanks as always for the informative and motivating blog posts. I have a topic suggestion, based on my experience (or perhaps you could point me to one of your past posts)

It is: how might one best regain fitness after a non-season-ending injury with a short time off the bike?

I haven't found an answer for less serious pauses in training, like mine--I crashed right around the same time you did, but thankfully suffered only minor injuries (ribs)...I was off the bike for about ten days, lost some fitness, but have been back on for three weeks now, basically repeating my last phase of base as the ribs heal.

I hope to race again soon, and obviously some sort of build would seem appropriate...but what sort of plan would I follow? Would I simply build a new plan for the remaining peak of the summer, or can I salvage some sort of early peak (originally planned for this weekend)? Thanks!

Joe Friel

Peter - I'm sure you would have to return to base 3 after 10 days off. what you do for training after that is really a question i can't answer. there are too many things i don't know. Even when i coach someone and I know a lot about them this is a challenging question. Sorry. Good luck with your season.



Could you clarify the intensity issue. As the race approaches, the last 12 weeks, would training for Ironman include intensities above Ironman racing intensities. And, if so what would these be and what kind of durations for these efforts would you recommend?

Chad Nikazy


I recently completed the Florida 70.3 after a long winter of training. I felt like I logged some decent volume in preparation. With regard to your recent posts I'm wondering how I should approach the next 11 weeks leading up to my next "A" race - Boulder 70.3.

Should I train with less volume, but more intensity than I used for Florida 70.3 given that I've been training since December (with 10 days off after FL)? Do I still need some overdistance rides and runs or is speed the key at this point?

Thanks for everything! I've bought the Training Bible 10 years ago and still refer to your guidance there.

Joe Friel

Jgdicker--SWim, yes (if you intend to start fast with lead group). bike and run, no.

Joe Friel

Chad Nikazy--If your base is good then start race-specific training. If it isn't then go back to work on base 3.


Hi Joe,
I just wanted to say thanks. I won my first A priority race of the season after taking 8 years off from racing. I stayed in shape during that time but this was my best race ever at 51. I bought your Mtn Bike Bible in November 2010 and have used it for my self coaching.
The fun part aside from winning the over 50 legends group in the Vail,CO race series was my time was 3rd in the Mens Vet Sport class, 2rd in the Masters Sport, and 5th in Mens Sport. I expected to do well but this was better then expected. Next race is in 2 weeks. Fun!
I wanted to give credit where credit was due. Your book gave the the guidance over the winter. My training was far from perfect, but I learned when to push and when to rest, as well as how to improve on my weak links. Thanks!!!
The only other thing I've done different is I'm trying a product called Asea which is Sodium Cloride. Curious of your thoughts on it.


Joe Friel

Steve--thanks for your kind remarks, but it was your hard work that did it. Sodium chloride is table salt. If that's the only active ingredient then it's pretty cheap to make your own.

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