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Joe Friel

Amateur--RER is a good approximation of LTHT/ATH. You were probably at VO2max at 1.11 RER.


I didn't feel like I peaked on that VO2max test. My RER was at least 1.13, but I felt that I could've exerted myself harder than that. Maybe I'm thinking that, because I didn't sprint at the end but got to the point where the power felt too high. The test just seemed strange. At one point for some reason my breathing and HR just increased, but it felt so easy pedaling--that just felt so unnatural. Then, all of a sudden it just got really hard pedaling to where my cadence dropped very fast. I'm thinking the guy that administered the test just added way too much power and not gradual toward the end. Either that or I was just too weak at a high enough power setting. I think force is a limiter. He was an undergraduate student. I hit 201bpm, maybe 202bpm. I don’t know, because I can’t see the data. I almost never go over 201 unless I’m doing a time trial, and the VO2 test didn't feel like a time trial. Actually I thought it was significantly easier than time trials.

Just recently I did a 12min Cooper time trial run on an indoor track. I don't have a lot of experience running, and I don't think my pace was quite perfect. I think I fared okay though. I think my efficiency, posterior chain, and feet/ankle pain from overpronation are definitely my limiters. I averaged 191bpm and sprinted the last minute or maybe it was 90s reaching a max of 205bpm. I've done 206bpm once while cycling doing a 30min time trial. At 18s, I reached 170bpm. I might have started at a bit too fast. At 40s, I reached 180bpm. At 1:10, I reached 185bpm. At 3min, I reached 190bpm and hovered in the lower 190s for a long time then very, very slowly reached mid 190s.

So from all this, is my LTHR very close to my VO2max so probably somewhere in the 190s zone?


Hi Joe...looking for clarification. You mention it's how fast RQ ramps up early in the test that tells the story. My treadmill test started with HR of 84, RQ 0.6 (is this what you mean by starting the test?) and got to RQ 1.0 at HR 168 in a period of 11 minutes. Are we looking for the time it takes to ramp up? What is the scale for measuring the "ramp up"?

Joe Friel

Lori--60% is quite low. Unusually low. Makes me wonder about the equipment calibration. Without knowing the protocol its not possible to comment on the 11 min ramp up time you experienced.


Joe, what would you say would be the implication of a person unable to reach an RQ above 1.0 during a VO2 assessment? Also, the individual has a AT of 154 but a AB of 171 bpm. They are very efficient at burning fat, utilizing it as 90% of energy utilization until reaching zone 4, and then drops significantly down to below 70% fat utilization by the end on zone 5. I'm curious as to why this happened for the individual.

Joe Friel

Lin--That is strange. I've never seen happen before. My first reaction was motivation. Probably not the case tho. Second , was extremely good fat metabolism which you seemed to confirm. Third was calibration, but that's not likely either. So bottom line is I don't know.

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