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Joe Friel

Glenn--Thanks for posting your numbers. There are lots of people who exceed their estimated FTPs, and by quite a bit. They tend to be highly trained and elite riders.


Formula says 297 Watt, tested on the road with pretty good but not perfect headwind: 287 Watt.

I am at the end of Base III - I hope to reach 305 Watt during peak/race.

How much could usually be added in the Built period (in %)?


Joe Friel

Hi Jon--Thanks for sharing your FTP numbers. I wish I could tell you a % that works for everyone but I can't. It depends on many variables, perhaps the most significant of which is how close you are to your potential at the start of the Build period. A complete novice may be able to increase it 20-40%. An experienced athlete who has been training 'right' for years may not be able to improve it at all.

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This is great advice. There is no point in training beyond what your normally capable of and if you do you will damage yourself.

Ole Herman Larsen

Actual FTE 305 - calculated FTE 300 (weight 74 kg age 50) Live in Oslo Norway at sea level or just above.


This is cool. I calculated my FTP based on your formula and it is very close. The FTP was done after base 3 in 2011. Hoping to get tiny bit higher or the same FTP after base 3 this season...hoping to be at the same weight I was in 2011...confident. Thanks, this is fun.

Andy Griffin

Hi Joe,

I race principally IM70.3s.

I’m a big follower of your blog. I’ve ‘studied’ your books and train in accordance with the principles and suggested plans therein. After six years I’m still getting year-on-year improvements in my swim, run and overall times.

Just using your ‘rule-of-thumb’ as I guide to a potential target for my FTP, the maths work out for me to be around 240W (male, 63kg, 49 years old - and by the way I’m short at 5’6””). In race season my FTP ranges from 195 to 205 W (dropping to around 175W at end of Base 1 in the following season).

Potentially, I could improve my power by around 40W (20%) on my best FTP. How best should I go about this, what do I need to do differnely – would I be better to bring forward my Sub-threshold/ threshold training (Zones 4/5a) in my programme?

Andy (UK)

Joe Friel

Andy Griffin - It comes down to 3 things: aerobic capacity, lactate threshold and economy. Search these on my blog to find how to improve each. They will raise your FTP.

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You can get a fairly accurate estimate of your FTP by doing an all out
effort of 20 minutes, then subtracting 5% from that value.

FTP Hosting

If you have an FTP that strong, you are on a training plan with periodic testing and you probably don't need to be estimating your FTP anyway.

L. Steve Varnum

Joe, I know this is an old post, but I am looking for a good way to estimate FTP for the beginning of the season based on "last year's" FTP? I'm sure all riders lose a lot of fitness when not cycling for awhile... especially at my age of 79. But I think I tend to use season-beginning FTP that is too low.
I try to do my first FTP/LTHR test of the season in the 4th or 5th week. Should I do it sooner?

Joe Friel

L. Steve Varnum - Yes. Understood. The body weight etc mentioned in this post is a painless way of estimating it, but it's just a ballpark number. Testing is the only way to get the ballpark smaller. But I understand the reluctance to do a 20- or 30-min test right at the start of the base period. So perhaps try this... Do a 5min all-out test on a slight hill. Subtract 12% and you have a somewhat smaller ballpark number than the 20min test would give you. Not perfect but will get you started.

Dr. Who


I appreciate your Blog, but in my case, I am not a competitive athlete, but I've ridden most all of my life, the FTP formula provided is way off!

I'm overweight. Always have been. I am 5'6" and, wait for it... Aaah!! 52 Years old. I weigh... 275 Lbs! I presume my body has excellent muscle memory.

I Ride a Carbon Framed Opera Leonardo & a Pinarello Carbon Prince, Neither has cracked, by the way. the Opera, which is the oldest, gets the most miles.

According to your formula, my FTP should be above 500. I barely - Max out at half of that - Avg. 99/Max. 265. This is an hours ride during which my BPM 132/156

I've tried an FTP test on a stationary watt bike, but I always get very low (99)results.Whe I let the bike Calculate it, based upon my imputed stats it gives me an FTP of (+-)200, which I still perceive as too high.

I feel I should be somewhere between 145 & 185, but I have no way to corroborate it!?!

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