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Hi Joe - What distribution for you expect for a cyclocross racer 28 days prior to an A race?


Hi Joe, I am a roadie who wants to take on a triathlon. On the way to tri I am going to do a duathlon. The 80km bike leg I am confident about but how do I train for the run when the distances are different (20km + 10km)? Do I train differently for each, do I just train for the 20km because that will encompass the 10km or do I train like it is 30km? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-Andrew

Joe Friel

Andrew--If you have no running base then just do lots of aerobic running building to 20k.

Joe Friel

Brian--A lot more 4-5 zone.


Thank you Joe.

Eggy Beltran

Excellent, excellent... a 10 years rodie on it's first year as a tri... for a visual lerner there is nothing better than charts to help on the "holding back" during training.

Thank you Joe!!!

Martin Schäfer

Hi Joe,

thanks for your regularly updated and informative blog, I've learned quite a bit here.
Currently I'm preping for a 24h race at the end of August that features a hard course with lots of climbing. Last year I raced there mostly in HR zones 3 and 4 which was very demanding. So how should the peaking look like in general when taking on the specific race characteristics. I've already got a really solid aerobic base, have done climbing intervalls and form is where it should be. Now for peaking would it be better to do long (4-5 h) zone 2-3 workouts until short before the race to further boost aerobic fitness or should I reduce the volume and concentrate during short workouts on my climbing? I'd appreciate if you could give me some advice in which direction to head.

Greetings, Martin

Joe Friel

Martin S--How long your taper/peaking should be for this event depends on how exhausting your recent training has been and on your experience with how quickly you recover. I'd suggest reducing workout duration during the peaking while concentrating on climbing if that will be a significant determiner of outcome.


Thanks for the constant posts. They are a great benefit to my husband and I in our triathlon training. He is going to begin training for his first Ironman next summer and I am looking at Heart Rate Monitors (potentially with GPS) for him for his birthday. Do you have any recommendations?



Working in a peak for an A-race this Sunday. My TSB differs by about 1 point value (7 vs 6) depending on if I take Fri or Thursday off. If I take Thurs off I begin to go non-negative but only get to 6 by Sun. If I take Fri off I go non-neg on Sat but reach a higher TSB value. Is that difference to minor to worry about (3 days of non-neg TSB vs 2 days of non-neg TSB)? For bike racing (Crits & RRs) how long should I strive to have a non-neg TSB when planning for A races?

Note - I've schedule an easy w/o for Thurs/Fri and Sat.


Joe Friel

Bill--One TSB point is not significant. Don't sweat it. For A races I try to get riders into +17 to +23 TSB by race day. But it isn't always possible. There are also some who react negatively to be too rested. Psychological. For them they need a lower TSB by race day.

Joe Friel

Rebecca--Write to me off line at jfriel@trainingbible.com and I'll send you a handout that gives you data to compare.


Hi Joe, I'm curious -- I assume the triathlete power distribution reflects only time on the bike. How do you map your tri-sport athlete's overall intensity to calculate a merged intensity distribution chart? (I've been using TRIMP, although of course that's heart rate driven with all the shortcomings that brings.) Thanks again for the blog -- it's a great supplement to your book and your trainingpeaks plans, and I appreciate the effort you make it keeping it up.



Joe Friel

Craig--The only combined-sport metric I track for tris is fatigue (ATL).



How many hours went into the roadies training over the last 28 days in the graph shown?



Joe Friel

Justin--About 43. He was tapering.

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