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Joe, ¿nunca te has planteado PEDIR LA TRADUCCIÓN AL CASTELLANO DE "LA BIBLIA"? existimos muchas personas que nos encantaría leerlo pero que no tenemos los conocimientos suficientes de Inglés para hacerlo........



How, if at all, should someone modify their Peak period if they do not feel race ready?

For example, I have an important race coming up 5 weeks from now, but due to illness I missed approx. 3 weeks of training in my Base 3/Build period. Is a person in my situation better off shortening the Peak period and working hard up to approx. 7-10 days out, or will following a typical Peak put me in the best possible position? Not sure if it affects your answer, but my race is a 110 mile road race in the mountains.

Thanks, love the blog and books!

Joe Friel

Chris--Sorry to hear about that. I'd suggest skipping the Peak peiod and training up until a week to go. Good luck!

Joe Friel

Carlos (rough translaton: have you ever considered translating the Training Bibles into Spanish?)--I'd like to see that, too. But it is up to my publisher, not me. (Quisiera ver eso, también. Pero incumbe a mi editor, no yo.)





Hi Joe,

As usual your blog is must read :-) i've been following the training principles in you book "Going Long" as i'm signed up for a half irom in September.

The build period has just begun for me and i was wondering if your could outline your thoughts for Half Ironman build period at some point in the future.

My plan is to do 3 race like work outs in the 8 weeks, Swim 60 mins, bike Hilly 55m and run 13 1/2 (the rest of the time i'll be concentrating on further endurance building in zone 2)

My thoughts are pushing me to stay away from really high intensity intervals and group rides. (is thats right!!??)

Thank you


London. uk

Joe Friel

Hi Mark--Yes, I'd agree with you on avoiding high intensity (above LT) training when preparing for a HIM. I'm writing a book now which would give you great deal of guidance in your training. But unfotunately it won't be available until sometime this winter.

Chad Franck

How long in duration should the "race like" hard effort be? I understand that your answer is probably specific to the distance of the race. I race Xterra events, the bike is usually a little under 2 hours. I have been climbing a 22 minute hill at slightly above race pace. Is that enough, or would you recommend more?

Great blog by the way, keep it up please.


Joe Friel

Chad--Thanks for your note. How long the racelike workouts should be depends on so many variables that it's not practical to answer here. But some guidelines: Must be shorter than the race. Probably best as intervals since for a 2h race the intensity will be quite high. Mimic the portions of the race that will have the greatest impact on your outcome. Good luck!


Hi Joe - thanks for such useful info, always! Q: I Have a 55 mi. 5500' very hilly road race Sunday (starts with 2 mi. @10-15%), so did your recommended 4 x 90 2x W/Th this week after full rest M/Tues, and full rest off bike today (Fri). For my brief intensity leg opener Sat, should I include any hills at all? Do leg muscles need different opener for hills than for flatter race or crit? Thanks.

Joe Friel

Will--You might do a few very short (6 pedal stroke) sprints on a small hill the day before. Perhaps 2-3 of them. Otherwise, easy spin. Good luck!


Hi Joe- Will it be possible to do the camp without staying at the hotel? My parents live in the area and I was considering a visit around that time anyway.


Joe I have 3 weeks between 2 A races (6-hour races), which I have defined as wk1, wk2, and wk3 (which is race week for 2nd A Race). I'm having a hard time how I should be training during wk 1 and wk2 to maximize my fitness-to-fatige ratio come the 2nd A race. I plan to train at race-specific intensity during these 2 weeks but do you think volume should be greater in wk1 or wk2? Thanks!

Joe Friel

Jay--that's a very difficult one to answer without my knowing a lot more. Important variables are how hard the races are (intensity and duration), how good your training was coming into them, how well-established your base was earlier in the year, how fast you recover after the first, how mentally ready you are to sart training again after the first, and more this is always the most diffuclt issue I run into for the athletes I coach and know a lot about, let alone those I know nothing about. I'd be happy to hook you up with one of my coaches for a consultation if you'd like some detailed advice.

Joe Friel

Tony--Don't know. I'll have the guy who handles logistics etc answer this for you--Martin Boddie.


Hi Tony,
Thanks for the query on Scottsdale. As this tri camp is going to be focused around a residential experience unfortunately it is not something we can offer this time round. However we are looking at cycling specific bike fit/testing weekend options, so keep an eye out. MB


Hi Joe.
In your book 'your best triathlon', in the peak period are scheduled B + R workouts, some emphasize the bike, other the run.
It is said to mimic a portion of the race. How to do so? I have a hilly IM bike course coming. Should I mimic flat portions of the bike when the workout emphasizes the run, and mimic hills for those emphasizing the bike or should I make a ratio during each?
Thank you for your great books!

Joe Friel

Anthonyjlmorel--Yes, what you suggest is perfect. Good luck!

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