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Thanks Joe. I just pulled a hamstring by entering a race during what should have been a recovery week. Last minute decision to do the race instead of an easy ride. Stupid mistake. Resting now for 3 days and feels better. Hope I can follow your "Four to Seven Days Missed" advice..

Jed Hurt

This is great info Joe. I recently spent a month in the hospital due to complications from abdominal surgery. I was in the Build 2 phase prior to my stay. Am I correct in saying that I should return to Base 1 or 2 until my heart rate and power return to normal? My HR is through the roof currently, but my power numbers are in the cellar.

Joe Friel

Jed H--Yes, that sounds like the way to go. Good luck!


How do you feel about "front-loading" a week's training in terms of volume when you know that you're going to miss 1-2 days at the end of the week? I sometimes do this when I have commitments that won't allow me to run or run as much as my plan calls for. I do not front-load intensity (fast workouts) but I believe extra volume is ok if recovery allows. Cheers, - Fitz.

Joe Friel

Fitz--Yes, that most cetainly works. I do it with those I coach.

Ian Thomson

Hi Joe,
again you hit the spot. This blog has come just at a time where I missed 3 weeks of training. I had illness in my family, where I was only able to do maybe one workout.

I was just starting Build 2. Thank you again.

Best Regards

Andy M

Great Post! I think this is a topic that is not talked about very often.


Hello Joe, when doing strength training why do you recommend a maximum of 2.9 times your body weight as a goal for leg press? If you are 10lbs overweight do you use 2.9 times your goal weight or current body weight?

Joe Friel

Gary--2.9 is just based on my experience. Use your expected race weight.


Thanks Joe! This helps as i was using my current weight which is a ways off of race weight. My apologies for posting this question in the wrong forum.


How much does missing a week of base or build training degrade your FTP? It's been a week since my symptoms went away and 4 days back on the bike, but going at what was 85% of my FTP feels like threshold effort while my endurance power zone feels the same effort it was prior to the time off. It's important to keep your power zones correct, both for doing workouts and tracking CTL etc. in Training Peaks, so I don't know how much to adjust it down.

Joe Friel

Douglas--I wish I knew. One of those things that isn't researched very well.

Walo Morales

Hi Joe - I have your cyclists training bible
and I have used it this season for training and racing. Great Book!

I have a cold "above the neck" - yesterday, I went on a group ride and did not feel 100%. I have a race this Sunday. Should I train moderately these few days and still race?

Thank you -

Joe Friel

Walo Morales--I'd take Friday off and see how you feel on a ride Saturday. If still run down I'd suggest skipping the race.

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