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I need to thank you for your healthy eating advice. My husband has never been a fan of ANY vegetables and very little fruit and I love it all so I still cook them everyday for my two boys and I in hopes he will join in with us someday too. Since reading your blogs and your input on how it can directly benefit his training, he has become more experimental with trying new vegetables and doesn't even mind when I hide them in pureed soups and smoothies (along with flax seed meal). Sometimes it takes someone else other than his wife to encourage him to eat better, so much appreciated!


This is so true. I'll be 35 in September. So I guess I'm in the category of getting older athlete. Until recently my diet has been horrible, primarily sugars and carbs. With my new goal of completing an Ironman I realized the first thing I needed to upgrade was my diet. My wife has been on me for a few years now to eat better. I believe she has commented on here as well. My problem is I just hate the taste of vegetables. Recently we received as a gift a vitamix (high speed blender). She takes fruits and vegetable and blends them together in a delicious shake for me for breakfast. I don’t ask what she puts in it and I can’t even taste the vegetables. I’ve noticed that my appetite has reduced significantly, which has allowed me to lose excess body fat. I’m not a nutritionist but I believe because my body is now getting the nutrients it has been craving for years I find my self eating less overall throughout the day. I eat less, have lost weight, and noticed no additional fatigue. Thanks for this post. I love your blog!


Joe ,
On the subject of nutrition;
what do you encourage your cycling athletes regarding coffee? I know of some coaches that encourage dropping it as a daily habit and only use it when you really need a boost... Almost like a legal performance enhancing substance.

thanks as always!

Dave Bar


Thanks for your insight on supplements. What is your take on the supplement "infinit". I have heard a lot about this lately and know several who take it and swear by it for additional protein and as a drink during training.

Joe Friel

Dave Bar--If we're talking about the same thing, Infinit is a company that makes custom sports drinks. You order the product online to your specifications or from their list of optional products. It's really not a supplement. Unless you are talking about a different "Infinit."

Joe Friel

HG--I have no problems with their drinking coffee habitually so long as it is not excessive.


On vitamin D and sunshine, dermatologists will tell you to wear sunscreen (which dramatically reduces the body's production of vitamin D) and take a supplement. Most triathletes are overexposed and crispy, probably with ample vitamin D stores, but for those who wear sunscreen and/or cover exposed skin, vitamin-D-rich foods or supplements are a must.


If you'd rather not take Omega-3 pills, you can always add flaxseed meal or oil to smoothies or other dishes.


Hi Joe.
Having recently converted to the Paleo diet after reading your training book and the Paleo diet for athletes after many years of a high carb from rice,pasta etc.
The one thing i find hard is finding the correct food for breakfast,i cannot handle eating eggs first thing in the morning.
At the moment my breakfast is a zero carb,lactose free protein shake and bananas,apples,peaches etc.
Would be interested to hear other suggestions from you Joe and other people who read your blog.
In the Paleo diet for athletes book i find there is little on breakfast eating.

Joe Friel

Hi David--Great question. Breakfast seems to be the sticking point for most everyone. Food selection doesn't seem to be a problem any other time of the day. But we've been taught to eat only certain foods first thing in the morning. Interestingly, the things we've been told to eat by the cereal manufacturers (Kellogg started this campaign back around turn of last century) is cereal. But you can eat anything you want. I eat leftovers from a previous meal, grilled turkey, seafood, eggs, nuts, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Most people eat a very limited number of things for bfast. People tell me they think I eat a limited number of foods but when we start comparing I eat a greater variety than them. Most have about 15 foods or so they eat all the time with much if not most of it being wheat and corn, which are quite poor for micronutrients. Good recovery foods tho.


Congratulations! You have so much useful information, write more.

John Oloo

I like my cup of coffee, addicted too I must say but moderation is key

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