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Kyle Visin

Hi Joe,

You say "the first (Big Workout) is done on a weekend nine weeks before race day.......The second Big Day workout is done four weekends before race day." (Assuming four-week blocks) You go on to say that you place both workouts the last weekend before a rest week.

If both workouts are done at the end of the third week in build phase 1 and build phase 2 shouldn't the workouts be 4 weeks apart? Doing the workouts on weeks 4 and weeks 9 would make the workouts 5 weeks apart. Am I missing something?

After the second Big Workout you would typically schedule a recover week and then still have a three week Peek/Taper Correct?



Joe Friel

Kyle--Good catch. That should have been 8 and 4 when training in 4 week blocks. Following the last one there is a recovery week followed by 2 Peak weeks and a Race week.

Patrick Ash

Hi Joe,

Great post and thanks for sharing your race specific training structure. If training for a half-ironman would you suggest cutting the training/recover times in half? Or would there be a different structure all together?


Joe Friel

Patrick--I don't use that workout for HIM triathletes.


Hi Joe.

What do you think about doing an Half-Ironman race four weeks before race day instead of the "Big Day"? Is this an option?


Joe Friel

Markus--Yes, that's fine.


hi Joe,
I did something similar but quite different: 10hours non stop. But I only did at race effort the swimming. The rest was "just" riding and running without stopping.

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Thanks great info. If I can't do it 4 wks out, would 3 or 5 wks out be best? I'm on 3 wk blocks, 2 build, 1 recovery. Program includes a 3 wk taper. Thanks for the input.

Joe Friel

Spence--Not less than 4 weeks. Too demanding.


5 weeks out it is. Thanks so much for replying.


Looking through these posts and the information you've provided I can appreciate that I still have a lot of things to learn.


I don�t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW :)


Hi Joe,

Great post! You already mentioned that a half IM could serve as a substitute for the Big Day Workout. Three quick questions: 1. Should you just race the half IM or use full IM pacing? 2. If the half IM is five weeks out how would divide the final five weeks (Recovery, Peak, Peak, Peak, Race)? 3. Are you going to receive more specific and a better training stimulus from the Big Day workout vice the half IM?

Thanks, Trevor.

Joe Friel

1973Trevor--You could do a 70.3 and get an even better benefit if you race it, I believe. Mostly from reacquainting yourself with long course racing details. As for periodization of the last 5 weeks the only change I _may_ make is to make the first peak week you list into a build wee, assuming you are feeling recovered. That would have to be determined a week or so following the 70.3 based on how well you are recovered..


Thanks for the advice Joe! Enjoy and learn alot from following your blog and reading your books! Trevor.

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