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Hi Joe, thanks for this. I introduced strength training in November as part of my triathlon training, I feel it causes a huge amount of fatigue but this has not been reflected in my overall ATL, I will give your method try. I have a more general question around Strength Training, if it is causing a lot of fatigue (DOMS for 2 days) should I use lighter loads, I'm reluctant to give up altogether and would like to maintain a strength program all year round as I feel overall strength is a limiter. My program consists more or less of the main compound moves with some core work twice a week, it may be affecting the quality of my key workouts though.

Joe Friel

Bringmeoblivion - The key to an affective weightlifting program is periodization. You should expect fatigue and even some soreness when doing heavy load lifting. But when this is the focus of training, endurance training is _not_ emphasized. If you are trying to do high levels of both at the same time both will suffer.


Thanks, periodization was the plan but I got sick for a few weeks so things are a bit behind now/out of sync. In the build periods do you recommend stopping altogether? do you think maintaining strength work year round is completely without merit?

Joe Friel

Bringmeoblivion--Strength maintenance throughout the year is critical. Otherwise there is no need to build strength early in the season as it would be lost later. All of this is explained in much greater detail in my Training Bible books.


I don't get why you are using poundage to define volume or TSS since it is completely exercise dependent.

If I do a barbell back squat versus a pistol squat my tons moved is higher, but this does not reflect the true workload. This is why strength coaches focus more on a combination of reps, intensity, and RPE.

Perhaps the strength PMC should utilize a simple time/RPE estimate? We already have RPE and TRIMPS approximations for other PMC sports, one could simply use a very crude calculation to approximate TSS.

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