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Svenne Vangoethemd

Hi Joe, first time that i post something on your blog but reading quite a long time now. I'm following your training principles from the bible and i just have the 'feel' to let you know that i love your way of training principles and it gives me a deep insight in training. As it's a very personal and difficult process, i just love to read your blogs and books. Thank you for reaching my goals in this wonderful life of sports and in particular cycling. Keep the good work on!


Joe, referring to Aerobic Threshold. In this post you state it to be approx. 30bpm below Lactate Threshold however in a previous article you wrote it was suggested as 20bpm less that LT. I subsequently had a rider train most of his Winter base miles at this intensity, which he went very well off! Can you explain why the difference.

Many thanks, Frances

Joe Friel

FrancesNewstead - 20bpm was an error on my part. 30 is correct. My apologies.

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