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Robin Smith

As always, things are not what they seem. From Joe Friel's blog:

"Alexander is the vice president of the Airbus final assembly. He is quite a rare person. He understands the importance of employee health to the health and performance of the company. "

He's a good lad of course. But he's talking about the company and its workers using a master slave mind set. Remember the caveat above.

As if what matters is keeping the workers in good condition so they can produce the most.

Thats fine but what has their health got to do with the employer over and above what is paid in total wages. Is the employer supposed to be overlooking workers as a father figure? Is the employee forced to keep working for an employer who does not look after them?

Why is it rare that an employer has this approach? He would be stupid if he did not unless, the employees were free to leave and find work elsewhere where they were not treated with this mind set.

This may sound pedantic, but its exactly the language of the masters of genuine chattel slaves in the southern US. And when employees are not in reality free to start and stop work at their choosing it is no different in kind to those times. Yes, they get paid more in absolute terms today, but costs have risen in the same proportion so the 'Romans' have done nothing useful yet.

I've tried to ask similar questions of the psyche to Mr Friel but understandably he gets angry and seems too busy or vested in the industry to think with care about it.

Its frustrating because his work is excellent except when discounting the mental side of people's limitations.


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