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Dave Brillhart

Hi Joe. I know this is complex and not well researched. But in one of your books you mentioned that Zone 2 and Zone 4 are the best zones to train in. Because Zone 3 offers relatively little added beneift over Zone 2, and yet increases recovery time. Since Zones are based on LT, I'm sure there is an easy way to correlate Zones to IF. So that gives some indication of how IF impacts recovery. Right?

Mark Dawson

IF is a ratio that's independent of WO duration, so isn't designed to estimate metabolic cost. TSS integrates intensity and duration to estimate metabolic cost, so insights into recovery needs can be conveniently gained by monitoring TSS and TSB in TrainingPeaks' Performance Management Chart [PMC].

Joe Friel

Dave Brillhart--Well, there's little doubt that the higher the IF, the longer the recovery (everything else being equal). But I don't think we can draw any more specific conclusions as to how long simply from that.

Jon Lidster

I guess like Mark says if you look at the training stress balance models, the acute or short term stress falls off at at a particular exponential rate presumably determined by typical physiological recovery mechanisms and experimentally observed rates. These charts will be a good guide for estimating recovery time from stress scores I presume. Although I believe the training stress balance may fall down for pure anaerobic training as although intensity is very high duration is very short and the stress score may suffer from error. Forgive me if this is not accurate.


The answer could be as Mark wrote in the chart PMC. TSB could be the answer? I am convinced that the answer is TSB

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