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Joe Friel

Dom--This is what I was trying to explain in the second to last paragraph above. But if using purely AnT (z3) then for a road cyclist it would typically be the build period and peak periods.


Joe - just so I'm understanding correctly.....you still train athletes using a more typical HR spread with 5-6 zones? Or do you limit it to the 3 that you list above? I only ask as traditionally, Zone 4 (high Z4 is where you see LT or FTP. And Z5 is usually V02max.

Just wanted to get your thoughts on that. Thanks!

Joe Friel

Ag-triathlete.blogspot.com--I haven't changed the zones I use as described in my books. This post, however, was based on the zones typically used in "polarized training" research.


Hi Joe, hmm, interesting.

1. Would not the existing efficiency of the technique of the STUDY SUBJECTS make a difference? I imagine if many 'normal' people switched the bulk of their running to Z1 running then they would revert to shuffling along with poor technique.

2. Also surely the overall workload is important as a 4x a week athlete will probably have sufficient recovery in the schedule by default.

3. "A group of 10k runners"...most of those would be a self selecting group of relatively good athletes methinks.

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