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Do you have any metrics you use or recommend as a way to gauge health and do you have any data correlating them with fitness and training stress? Two markers I find useful are dhea sulfate and highly sensitive c-reactive protein (hsCRP). Mine both tanked and are slowly improving but I haven't yet been able to get back into high intensity exercise to see what effect that has.

Joe Friel

linda--No, I sure don't, other than subjective.


I'm not old (43) but on the wrong side of 'young'. I don't know what my recovery was like when I was younger because I never trained like this. I did short periods of high intensity training and would inevitably burn out after 4 or 5 months and then stop training for even longer periods of time.

In any case, I've been riding for 10 years now and started training with a structured and periodised training plan in the winter of 2009. I've always struggled with fatigue. When doing anything more than endurance, I would tire within a week and would need a full week to recover. I ran into this wall for 4 years.

That was until I started sleeping more this past April. Now I can consistently train at much higher volume and intensity than before and complete 90% of my workouts. And I after a bit over 4 months I still feel fresh and look forward to training every day. Yes, I do get tired, but I would not say fatigued so much anymore.

My experience has been that if you can at all afford it, try to get more sleep. All my life I am used to waking up tired almost every day and the past 4 years it's been worse. Since I started sleeping more I wake up 9 out of 10 days feeling refreshed and rested. No matter what I tried, doing more recovery rides, training less, training less intensely, altering my diet and fluid intake, etc. Nothing made the slightest difference until I started sleeping more. For the first time in 4 years I feel I can become fit enough to compete with the top amateurs in my age group.

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