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Mike Riot


I am turning 50 this year, and I am going through exactly the same eyesight issues...and the body fat and recovery issues! So I will be looking into the ADS lenses, and am looking forward to your upcoming posts!!

Kevin Morgan

Hi Joe, I've followed your blog and read your books for sometime, and never realized we are about the same age, until I was finding the link to your blog today for book I am writing on safe exercise for better health as we age. I'm not in your caliber as a triathlete, but I did finally qualify for the World 70.3 Ironman 2013 event this year. I tackle Lake Placid every year, where in 2011 I was the first to complete an Ironman with an AAA stent graft. Aging is something, isn't it, but the real trick is to just enjoy every day? I have been using my prescription sunglasses for some time on the bike, and your link to prescription cycling glasses is much appreciated. Once again, thanks for all your input on this great sport. Cheers, Kevin Morgan aka FitOldDog


Hi Joe, thanks for the post. Do you have any recommendations for getting a prescription in large swim googles such Aqua Sphere's Seal Mask? I've found websites that can put prescriptions in normal Speedo-type googles, but I'd love to get a prescription in a Seal Mask or equivalent type google. Thanks!


I'm 55 and a couple of years ago I got a pair of prescription Rudy Project glasses which are progressive lenses and they are great.

Sarah Matthews

You're the first person (other than me) that has spotted that products aimed at the over 40s/50s all have instructions in small point sizes. I always joke about it in relation to women's face cream as every product aimed at keeping the skin wrinkle-free has instructions in tiny point sizes and pale colours. I have found a solution for biking - wear one contact lens. It's called "mono vision" (in the UK) and the idea is that your brain can cope with seeing distance out of one eye and can read with the other. It's a compromise and isn't perfect but I swear by them.

Joe Friel

Bruce--I sure don't. Sorry I can't be of help. Perhaps someone else can.

Scott Johnsen

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the post. I appreciate you tackling some of the issues around the aging athlete. Some of the physiological changes as we age can be tough for sure but I always remind myself that it beats the alternative.

Just one more mile.

Steve Stolarz

Joe, at only 62 I run because I still can and I bike because it usually doesn't hurt quite as much. I'm also coming to realize the benefits of age - I hope you won't mind a little sacrilege, but not being to see the details has allowed me to escape and enjoy. I'm also coming to terms with my limiters. When my HRM died I didn't replace it and gained a great freedom - my RPE is educated and it's time I listened to my body anyway. For the past 5 years I've ridden 7000-8000 miles per year - I may get rid of my computer and just ride with what I've learned. Your blog and Cyclist's Bible have contributed greatly to my performance,freedom and enjoyment. Thanks.


Nice to be reading your thoughts again Joe...look forward to the ongoing exchange with us all.

Henry Bickerstaff


I have found that mono vision contacts work for me. It does take some time to adjust to them. Running trails, there are times I can wear sunglasses but when the sun is being filtered through the trees sunglasses will not let my eyes adjust quick enough to see the tree roots and rocks. Running at night presents a whole different set of seeing problems with limited near vision. The mono vision contacts has worked well for me in these situations.


I'm forty but i have a similar issue with contact lenses, i can't focus on my edge500, but fortunately with age there's a good compensation for a short sighted like me, so it's enough to lower prescription lenses and garmin is still readable.
Nice to read you again Joe, can't wait for your next cycling book.

Curtis Reeves


I really look forward to your thoughts on this topic. As someone well north of 50, I too have experienced the challenges of training. Recovery requires far more attention. For certain, if you don't focus on off the bike things such as diet and rest, what you do on the bike ultimately won't matter. As for me, I plan to live till I'm 100.....so far so good!!


Offtopic :
I read your training bible and the part where you mention distance per stroke is important for you in swimming, some person say the opposite, could you clarify here ?
For exemple Dave Scott and Paul Newsome :

Joe Friel

Maxime--I've changed my mind on that in the last 3 years. In fact, I've completely revamped the way I teach performance OW swimming. No concern for DPS now at all with new system. Thanks for your comment.


Joe your eyes are definitely going, you must have mistyped, 69? no way! or maybe its my eyes that need checking. you must have been doing something right all your life. You certainly do not look 69, in my eyes anyway #maybeishouldgotospecsavers


Thanks for your answer Mr. Friel ! That's what I tought, I'll try to emulate the Brownlee stroke now :)

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