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Bryant Likes

Great post Joe! Looking forward to seeing you expand on this. I'm assuming one of your big rocks is "never miss a training day" which you shared at the Todd Brown event. That one piece of advice has really helped me improve my race times by changing how I train the week of a race. Thanks!

Scott Johnsen

Thanks for the post Joe. As a former long distance runner and now a budding long distance cyclist, I've always felt that most of us make our sport way too complicated. Focusing on the "big rocks" simplifies the process of getting better resulting in (I think) more enjoyment. Unless you are approaching national or world class, the little rocks just won't make that big of a difference to most of us.

Don't get me wrong, I love spending hours talking about the minute details of cycling with other cyclists too. But the real gains will come from paying attention to the big rocks. Thanks for the nice post.


Since you mentioned that your ideas about Big Rocks could change over time... I have a print out of your article "The Fast Marathon" from 2001. I wonder if you would offer the same training strategy a dozen years later? It seems pretty consistent with your current advice but I'm wondering if you would pile the rocks differently today.

Joe Friel

Rich--Good question. I don't believe I've coached anyone for a marathon since then so haven't thought about it.


I was going to ask exactly the same question as Rich. When I follow the advice in 'The Fast Marathoner', on a 3 week mesocycle, my race tends to go well. When I didn't follow it I had a disaster!
I own a couple of editions of The Triathlete's Training Bible but maybe it's time to update The Fast Marathoner and publish it as 'Your Best Marathon'?

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