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John Sasso

There are certainly differences in Metabolic Measurement Systems, from New Leaf to ParvoMedics to Kosmed. The results given can be extremely variable just in terms of technology and calibration, like Mr Friel said. Also, the method of the test (3min stages, 2min stages, 1min ramp) can influence the amount of time your body has to adapt to each stage, as well as potentially leading to 'peripheral fatigue' before a significant Maximal Aerobic Power through the cardiorespiratory system can be concluded. As well, there are certainly familiarity or learning effects in performing a VO2max test, and your current state of fatigue or readiness will skew your ability to meet the demands of the test. Nevertheless, done well, the reliability of this test is quite good and can provide some excellent, important data, although your actual VO2max itself, may not be the MOST important. Performance prediction, health status, training planning and goal achievement are all great reasons to take an honest look at where your fitness currently stands.

Ian Hilt

What is the metabolic info you are referring to?

Ian Hilt

What metabolic info should I be looking for in these tests?

Dorian Wrigley

Hi Joe, great Blog - Thanks.

Could you go into a bit of detail as to how the VO2Max test marries / correlates with the 30 min lactic threshold hear rate test you use in your Training Bible and the corresponding heart rate zones that you deduce from LTHR.

Should the peak HR at VO2Max correlate with LTHR or are we comparing apples with pears here?

Joe Friel

Dorian--VO2max would be achieved in a much shorter all-out test, such as about 5 minutes. For 30 minutes you'll be well below VO2max.

Joe Friel

Ian--The ratio of fat to carb usage at various intensities.


I have another question about VO2 testing. Would you advise young atheletes to take a VO2Max to see what their potential is, before deciding to really commit to trying to 'make it?'

Joe Friel

Jordan--No. A VO2max test doesn't tell you anything about potential It tells you current level of aerobic fitness.

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