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I beleive in Ironman is better lower cadence as its "more hard for legs than heart" and that means lower heart rate which indirectly or directly means less dehydratation and less possibilitie for cramping (maybe bigest issue for running).

But than we have Crowie who smashed last year with such a high cadence...

And in ITU, from the first hand I expereinced higher cadence work better (with shorter crank size), and I had training period (long) when I would ride really high cadence and periods with lower cadence.

So you think its just individual and it depends on way of training or it can be generalized to some point?


Mike Hardy

Assuming my memory serves and it was Hunter Allen on the panel @ Kona 2011 and I remembered his comments correctly, I attempted to contact Hunter Allen to see if he'd respond here and share what he's seen. No idea if he'll have the time to respond but it would be great to hear what he's seen if he does. It's a really fascinating topic, to me anyway.

Thanks for the follow up Joe!

Tim Egge

doesn't Lance Armstrong use Training Peaks? maybe he will let you have a look at his cause from the footage I have seen, his cadence was a lot higher then the other triathletes he was racing at 70.3
I know it isn't Ironman but maybe worth looking at

Drew Wilson

Commenters... it doesn't matter if a particular athlete has a higher or lower cadence! The point here is the athlete's RELATIVE cadence across different length rides. What works for one dude, or what is fast or slow cadence for one dude is irrelevent. The point was that on longer rides the riders wound up with slower cadences.

Besides that, I'm no triathlete nor TT expert but I think your missing the point if you are worried about your cadence.

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