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Do you think the same physiological phenomenon described above responsible for reducing recovery time (muscle repair, etc.) is at play when protein is taken during extended 3 hr+ efforts - or is that apples and oranges?

Joe Friel

Brett--See my previous post on protein during exercise. Search "protein".

David Reilly


My recovery drink is generally a large glass of skimmed milk. I was under the impression that after excercise your muscle will absorb more protien than normal because, during workout, fibers are torn and streched slightly so muscles take on protien as a repair mechanism? This, in turn, helps to build muscle. Is this the right idea?


Were the test subjects in these studies performing their bouts of exercise in a fasted state? Would fasting affect the outcome of the studies? For instance, if I am eating adequate protein/calories and exercising in the evenings, does the timing really matter?


(WebMD) During a 2004 Summer Olympics awash in controversies over steroids and supplements, one sportswriter wryly noticed that top American swimmer Michael Phelps was playing it safe -- he preferred to drink Carnation Instant Breakfast between races.

Now it appears that the six-time gold medalist may have been onto something. A new study shows that plain old chocolate milk may be as good -- or better -- than sports drinks like Gatorade at helping athletes recover from strenuous exercise.


Sorry Joe here is the link

Joe Friel

Kent--Yes, protein timing and chronic diet both matter.

Joe Friel

David Reilly - Yes, appears to be correct.

Joe Friel

david doherty - It might be. Especially given your anticipated time. That's about the biggest variable for determining this.

Thomas Gerlach Professional Triathlete

How come races still don't provide a lot of protein alternatives after races? Sure you might occasionally come across some peanut butter, or maybe even some yogurt but nothing with a ton of protein in it.

In recent years I have always packed some Whey in a container but usually it is hour or so at least before I remember to take it down.


Joe, anecdotally I have to 100% agree. Being a veggie perhaps my protein should have been more carefully monitored. I used to get pains in my legs which I bravely attributed to "trying really hard". I now have whey immediately after (and sometimes during) my sessions and I have noticed a VERY marked lowering of leg pain. I didn't find milk anywhere near as effective.


Joe, how about chocolate chip cookies post-workout? J/k, seriously, I saw that as one of the snacks post-race in Austin last year. I'm curious about what type of protein is best. Does it matter if it is in the form of a powder vs. whole food? Cheers.

Joe Friel

Kevin--You need sugar after a race to restock glycogen stores. I don't see any problem with eating a cookie as one source.

Build Muscle

Interesting article. I've always heard people recommend protein after a workout, but its hard to come across a consistent argument as to why or how much. Thanks!


When I was a younger man in the SADF ( South african Defence force) We used to train really reallyyyyyyyyyyy HARD all day in the hot african sun. Guess what I used. Bar one x 4 like a mars bar and a can of salted sardines! Could not stomach that today but at the time it gave me energy to overcome the hardest day fighting terrorists up some or other ravine... Today as a long didtance swimmer I am using whey concentrate, glucose and maltodextrin mixed up in a bottle every half hour. Great blog I enjoyed the read.

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