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Joe Friel

Harold-- I'd recommend a lot of aerobic threshold (AeT) training until efficiency factor (NP/HEART RATE) plateaus. Good luck!

Anth Quinn

Hi Joe,

Last week I did 20 min FTP test using Sufferfest Rubber Glove, 20 minute test. Average for 256w

FTP raised from 225 to 243 (same method previous test May )

Thing is that since then I've really struggled to hold 243 for 10 minute intervals. In fact 1 rep pretty much blew me.

Could this be lack of rest, as struggling to push pedals hard enough (85-95rpm) or is something else going on?

Any ideas as to what I should do now?



Joe Friel

Anth Quinn - I don't know the test method you used so it's hard for me to comment on how accurate your FTP may be. But, as you suggest, fatigue can easily play a role in your training.

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