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Steve Collins

I needed this today. Everything had been going right for me to come back from 10 years away from tri and do Canberra 70.3 next weekend.

Now, I have a part-diagnosed (still in the process) persistent calf tear that actually may be muscle fascia, soleus or achilles tendon.

No running for me = no racing. And a fairly solid rethink.

I'm going to learn to love the bike.


Hi! I have a question regarding weekly hours for a cyclist. It is preparation block and I have 12 hours weekly. Since I do crosstraining with alot of running, And I noticed that running slow is much more taxing than biking slow. I am exhausted after a 2.5hour run. Does running time equal the same time for cycling? Or is it like 1hours running equals 1.5hour cycling?

Joe Friel

Hi Tom--There's no doubt that running is more stressful per unit of time than cycling. Athletes are always trying to come up with the perfect ratio between them. I wouldn't worry about it. Just be aware that 12h of running is not the same as 12h of cycling and adjust your weekly hours to what your body can handle. The 12h should be considered as a general goal that can be modified to fit your needs.


I also have a question on holidays. During travelling, you dont always have sufficient time to train. How can you conserve your fitness with less training hours for a brief period like a week? Doing short but more intense workouts like during peak period?

Joe Friel

Jan--Yes, you're right. If you're trying to get a training stress score of x and your planned workout must be shortened for whatever reason you have to increase the intensity. But bear in mind that intervals in the 5 zone don't produce the same benefits as steady state in the 2 zone. I think it's best to increase the intensity by only 1 zone when you are faced with this dilemma.


Hi Joe, I just had a question relating to your previous answer. If you've got a holiday scheduled say, during the early to mid section of your build period and will only have access to gyms and spin bikes at hotels etc, what would be most efficient way to maintain as much of the fitness you've built as possible. As in, how many sessions would be the minimum you'd need to do to reasonably maintain your fitness and would they all need to be shorter, intense efforts or a mixture?

Joe Friel

Brenton--I don't think I can answer that question with an absolute answer. There are just too many variables. What a person should do to maintain fitness who trains 30 hours per week is completely different than that for someone who trains 3 hours. But, generally, assuming you have limited time, increase the intensity by a zone or 2 from what you would normally do. And make the mode of the workout as much like your primary sport as possible (I.e., ride a stat bike if you are a cyclist).

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