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Nothing on the East Coast? Dallas is filled up or else I would consider flying there to attend that one. Any chance of spots opening up?

Joe Friel

D--No, Dallas is not filled. Just hasn't been opened for registration yet. (I know that's it's confusing the way they labeled that.) Still working out details. Continue to watch that page.


Sounds like even a newb like me could benefit from this. I would love to register for the Dallas presentation. But, I don't want to take spots from more advanced athletes either. Any issues with me trying to get a spot? I'm very technical and have been using/studying power training the past few months.

Joe Friel

ADam--Entirely up to you.

Ken Sharlin

Would be great to have this available as a webinar. Hope you might consider it. Thanks Joe.


I second the idea of holding a webinar for those of us who can't attend.

On another note - I'd love it if you held this seminar in Boulder, assuming you visit again next summer.

Bettina Warnholtz

I look forward to attending the workshop in Santa Monica. Can you please tell me how many CEUs for USAT certification will offer?

Joe Friel

Bettina Warnholtz--4 CEUs for both USAC and USAT. Hope you can make it then.

Clive Seebregts

Any plans on hosting a workshop in Cape Town, South Africa?

Joe Friel

Hi Clive--I think the last time I spoke there was in 2005. Had a great time. No current plans to be there in the near future. But these things change from time to time. I generally announce them on Twitter (@jfriel).


Yes Joe, a recording of the presentations would be great. I would pay a monthly subscription if done regularly and or even a once off purchase for each presentation

Mike Fox

Does the Dallas seminar have a specific location yet? I need to book a room but don't know where to book one. Thanks!

Joe Friel

Mike Fox--DoubleTree Hotel- Galleria
4099 Valley View Lane
Dallas, TX 75244

Julian Nagi

Anything in the UK Joe ?

Joe Friel

Hi Julian--I did my last clinic in London last spring. Nothing planned for now but that could change.

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