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Along the same lines, here's another pro who is struggling with self-confidence during a performance drought: http://www.cyclingdirt.org/coverage/240311-USGP-New-Belgium-Cup-2011/video/509560-Tim-Johnson-Post-USGP-New-Belgium-Cup-Day-1

Mike Joyal

Great post, Joe. I especially like the last paragraph. This applies not just to sport but life in general.

Steve Ms

Agree, thanks, some serious wisdom in the last paragraph.

Amber | Postcards

This is a very inspiring post. Like everyone, I agree that the last paragraph is something that one can ponder on. Thanks for sharing us this story

biking Philippines

I really love this "earn from your daily mistakes and then forget them. Never relive mistakes. Once you’ve learned the lesson, throw it away. On the other hand, review your successes every day and save them like trophies. Relive the highlights of your day's workout nightly as you’re lying in bed waiting for sleep to come. Always find the positive things daily. Learn to believe in yourself. Nothing is more important." thanks for an inspiring post.



There are some very great books on the subject.
The magic of thinking big - David Schwartz
In Persuit of Excellence - Terry Orlick
I recently re-read both books, and there are a lot of very essential thoughts in these books like in your article.

For instance when I don't stand on the start line with the first few athletes to take off, I know that something is not right. But when I am there with the lead group waiting for the "Gun", that is the time to make it happen.


Golf is unlike most other sports, but I think all top level pro's in any sport have the same brain wired to not just beat the competition, but to destroy them. Back when I played the game a lot I was turned on to 2 books by Bob Rotella (1: Golf is Not a Game of Perfect,and 2: Golf is a Game of Confidence). I bet you've read both of them. If not, you'd find they are better than most "how to" golf books. I try to apply the key points from both books when I line up for a bike race (Book 1 Key Point: Train it then Trust it; Book 2 Key Point: 100% Confidence that You Will Succeed).


Thanks for the motivation!

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