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Joe Friel

Dan M--Force reps are done with a very low cadence to emphasize force. Sprint power sessions with a very high cadence.

Yaniv Levi

Hi Joe,
First, excellent blog! Thank you very much for sharing all this great knowledge and experience.
I'm trying to fighure out how, and more specifically were, does the intervals traininig as listed on this series fits in the series about "Training for Advanced Athletes", especially part 5 - which intervals at which blocks? Would very much appereciate your objective on that.
In regrads and generally speaking, would you consider a blog post (or more of a series) on the formula for building the trainning plan. Much of us amuturs are using ready build trainning plans published by some one or another coatch, but much like a given receipt of a sheaf, its to much secry to change the ingredient or thier quantity...

Thanks again,


Joe Friel

Yaniv Levi--When it comes to block periodization and interval types it's actually fairly simple. When doing aerobic endurance training include z3 intervals (tempo intervals). When training for muscular endurance the intervals are z4. When working on anaerobic endurance they are z5 (longer intervals) and z6 (short). When training for sprint power, intervals are z6+. As for a formula to periodize, are you suggesting something which goes beyond the rather lengthy discussions on the topic in my Training Bible books?


Hi Joe,

I have your book but i have some doubts,
after base training is done and the Build starts i don't know how to schedule my workout, i should be doing along ride and ftp and vo2 intervals right?
What do i do first vo2 or ftp? or do i do them at same time?


Joe Friel

Telmo--It's really hard to tell someone I don't know how to train. But typically FTP training comes before VO2max training. But not always.

Chad Scarborough

Coach Friel,
An avid follower of your books and a self-coached triathlete through them, I was wondering if you could clarify an item related to the Base 3 Me workouts in your book "Your Best Triathlon". During the longer Me workouts what training zone encompasses the time outside the high intensity (Zone 4-5a) WI? Should I increase the number on WI to adjust for the longer time or do the number recommended in your book with the remaining time in Zone 2 or 3?

Thank you for everything you have done for my triathlon hobby, it has been most appreciated!

Joe Friel

Chad S--The time between intervals is z1. Otherwise it's usually best to get lots of z2 time in WU and CD. Good luck!

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