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Mary Keegan

Loved your article on Excellence! Thank you!

Andre G

Thank you for reposting, as a new reader of the blog I missed it when it was 1st posted.

I have forwarded to my 15 year old who is have difficulty with school, and I think reading post my help.


Yes. Great post. Thanks.

Helen P

+ Enjoyment?

sebastian knapic

Great post!
I am from Croatia, a little country in Europe and every time you "write" something I read with lot of interesting.
I am amateur tri athletes after I finished my soccer carrier. I agree that motivation the most important "thing" in sport. In my case maybe I did the wrong way as a little kid choosing soccer because I always be motivated to practice some individual sport. Now I see this but is never to late:-)bye from Croatia!

David Glover

Excellent post on EXCELLENCE!

You can take all of the predictors that you listed and truly apply them to EXCELLENCE in any endeavor - business, cooking, being a mom, etc. The one predictor that is missing is PASSION (although I suppose you could put this under MOTIVATION).

I'm a long-time Ironman distance triathlete and have recently started a blog - http://theELITEproject.com - to find the "best in class" folks out there to interview so others can learn from them.

Joe - I would love to interview you for the blog.

Carrie Cheadle

This is a great post. It was actually sent to me by one of my athletes the first time around and it's great to read it again. Discipline and patience are HUGE factors and aren't always talked about. The life of a professional athlete often gets romanticized by people who don't know the incredible sacrifice involved. It's not for everyone and that's OK. There is value in being an athlete even if you aren't the one on the podium. What is hard for some athletes is that their desire and their discipline are not always compatible. They think that they want to be more competitive and move into the elite ranks, but when it comes to the reality of what that means - it's not what they really want and that gap is hard to bridge sometimes - to figure out your own relationship with sport and feel good about it.

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agree that motivation the most important thing in sport. In my case maybe I did the wrong way as a little kid choosing soccer because I always be motivated to practice some individual sport..

Jon Limbird

joe, a favorite quote from Horace Greeley... Talent is a cheap commodity, society rewards for character. integrity, and hard work.


Randall Maddox


I agree with everything but 'trying act like less' so you can fit in. In the change mechanism, it is very important to know the 'truth' about yourself. If you are an elite athlete, you don't have to announce it but it is vitally important that your internal picture be clear and accurate. Offering yourself as 'ordinary' (or trying to seem ordinary) can only cloud your self image.

This is what great teams are for. Even in individual sports such as running and cycling, they create a group of 'similars'. You can be supported and celebrated even when some would call you extreme.

I know about this team thing, because I am on a great one.

Your long time student.

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