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Thanks for responding to my email. There is so little known about concussions, although we are learning more and more thanks to awareness being raised by the NFL. For example: I had no idea it could take months to recover.

So I put together a blog post to help other cyclists with concussions which basically outlines what I'm doing to prevent and how I will manage future concussions, (hopefully never again :-)


I basically never post to my blog so I promise, there is no self-promotion here. Just want to get the information out there.


Hi Joe,

Glad to hear you are getting back on track. I just wanted to give a shout out to your partner at TrainingBible Coaching, Adam Zucco (and his lovely wife Lindsay) for doing a superb job at keeping me on track for my 1st Ironman this coming August even when I broke my ankle in late Feb. (requiring surgery)...I was back in the pool and spinning on the trainer within 2 weeks. I'm stronger now than ever! It was a new obstacle for all of us, but I am confident it will be a fantastic day based on my PB finishes in the few races I've done since coming back.

Larry Tieman

Glad to hear you are healing. I was hit by a truck on Lefthand Canyon Rd over the Memorial Day weekend. I was lucky. I was hurt but no broken bones. I am just now able to do light riding on a trainer and hope to be cleared outside in two weeks. Concussion. I am an ultra distance rider and an 63. I have no chance of doing any major distance rides this year. Would you recommend the plan in ths blog for me?

Joe Friel

Larry Tieman--I read about your accident in the paper. Glad to hear you are coming back ok. I'd suggest a very long and thorough base period--much more than i did here--given that you are not doing any events this season. Good luck.


Hi Joe,

It is wonderful to hear that you are not only back to riding on the road but also back on track for a race or two this year. Do you have any thoughts on the subject of nutrition for athletes recovering from musculo-skeletal injury while returning to race-training mode (e.g. changing the protein/CHO/fat proportions in daily diet)?


Bob Kinnison

Here's another resource for those of you coming back from injury: Carrie Cheadle, a Sport Psychology pro from the Bay Area with a short video about coming back from a crash. http://carriecheadle.com/blog/2011/07/06/regaining-confidence-after-a-bike-crash/

Kevin Morgan

Hi Joe,
I was wondering what you thought about distinguishing what I call 'good pain' from 'bad pain' during training or a race. Making the distinction, that I fortunately did in the 2009 Charlotte Marathon, which saved me from a serious psoas injury, whilst in the 2009 Lake Placid Ironman it helped me to avoid a DNF (http://goo.gl/ycFQr). Any pointers appreciated. I'm not sure which is worse, cars and their doors and wing mirrors, or our minds inability to tell good pain from bad when under pressure. This is where I rely heavily upon my coach most of the time.
Happy continued recovery.
-k @FitOldDog

Joe Friel

Kevin Morgan - That's a good question but one I have never even thought about before so don't have an answer. I'll have to ponder that one...

Joe Friel

Madeleine--Good question as usual. Without even trying I've found that at times when I am not training for extended periods the carb content of my diet decreases as fat and protein increase. This is in part due to less need for sugar and starch during and after workouts which increases carb intake considerably. I also tend to focus more on the protein content of my diet when injured so it probably rises in my situation from about 15 to 25% of total calories.

gene raphaelian

Hi Joe-

Congratulations on your comeback. I must say the advice your doc gave was far different from the advice I received after I suffered a single, non-displaced left acetabuar (lower pelvic) fracture 6 weeks ago in a rainy crit. He told me ABSOLUTELY NO weight on the hip/leg for 6 weeks and to slowly work my way back (no hills).

I started that process 1.5 weeks ago doing L2 rides w a bit of climbing (not much choice in S Barbara). Overall I felt good at first, with a feeling that I had lost muscular endurance, but relatively less aerobic fitness.

Unfortunately I've started to feel some pain in my lower left glute. My guess is its just unhappy soft tissue and I need to back off for a few days (or more) to see how it responds.

So to the person who asked the question above, am I feeling "good pain or bad pain", I would say we all know the good pain that we feel when we are pushing hard, and we all know when something is outside the boundaries good pain.

In my case I've never felt this glute pain before, and it tells me something is strained and I need to chill. The key is to be honest, which is tough, when you are addicted like many of us are. Sorry for the long post.


gene r

Phoenix Truck Accident

How inconsiderate of that car passenger/driver. I just can't believe there are people who does not look behind the car before opening the door. I always look what's coming up in the rear view mirror before opening the door locks when someone is alighting.

I don't know if there is anything that a cyclist could do except to be more careful when passing by a car door.

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