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Hey, Joe... I've been trying to incorporate more muscular endurance into my base 3 training, but i have very limited time. I don't want to lose my aerobic conditioning either. I notice you talk a lot about intervals. Is there a benefit to riding 15-20 minute zone 3 intervals vs. just riding for 70 minutes in zone 3? Thanks!


Wow ! What sort of relative change in CTL and TSB was there between the first CP30 test and the second?

Joe Friel

Jeff--No, there's no advantage to doing intervals for z3 other than you'll probably find the average power output to be somewhat higher in z3 with intervals. And you can probably also accumulate more total z3 time with intervals. But at this intensity steady state is ok.

Joe Friel

Madeleine - On 4/9 his CTL was 51.5 TSS/d. On 4/21 it was 63.3--a 23% increase. TSB on 4/9 was -1.8 and on 4/21 -16.2. However, prior to the rest break before his second test TSB had dropped to -44.8, his second lowest of the season (back in December he was training very steadily and had a very challenging block).


I'm starting on this type of plan today! Thanks! One quick question though... when you're referring to efforts in a particular zone, would you recommend trying to keep power at a specific average for the interval or steady state ride, or is it better to ignore the average and do my best to focus on keep the current power in the range I want? I find it can be a struggle to keep my average up, particularly on a CP30 test, but also on steady state rides. I feel like I might be overcompensating for traffic lights/lapses in focus that bring the average down by going over my goal power and putting in too hard of an effort to bring the average back up. Thanks.

Joe Friel

Pat--Just set your p meter on instantaneous power and stay in the zone.


Which kind of zones are meant in the chart above? Is it LTHR, MHR or other stuff?

Joe Friel

Simon--That's power zones.

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