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Mike Papageorge

"I also know of a couple of companies that are working on power meters for running."

Wow, that would really change things. The hacks I am currently using certainly are not as good as real time power output "on the run" would be. I certainly would welcome *that* revolution!

Ben Eccleston

'I’ve seen the new Swimsense from Finis which promises to give swimmers some of the same data runners and cyclists'

There is a product called the Swimmovate Poolmate (watch), which counts strokes and lengths automatically, what are your thoughts on this product, if you have any experience of it?

Joe Friel

Ben Eccleston--No, haven't heard of that one. What do you think about it?


How exactly will a running power meter work? I can see how it might take into account elevation, but not terrain or wind. Color me intrigued.

Corbett Klempay

I have the Swimsense -- got it for Christmas. I've been using it off and on swimming Masters, but it has lots of drawbacks:
- the battery life is a joke. I could see if it burned through battery while actively recording, but it will run to empty in less than 2 days when even being used as a watch.
- it obviously won't know how to map stroke drills or kick sets to a stroke, so you are supposed to pause it when not doing conventional swimming sets. I forget to do this all the time.
- with the pausing again..when you're in a long near-threshold set and have 0-5 seconds at the wall between reps, it's also easy to forget to pause/unpause, especially when you're feeling the pain and zoning out.

I think I could get over the needing to hit pause/unpause with sufficient routine, but the battery life issues are a pretty huge issue. It makes it feel like a beta product rather than a 1.0.

Johan Nel

'...Roadies now are the early adopters and triathletes are resistant to change. Triathletes seem to have a tremendous attachment to their HR monitors....'

I would guess this is because triathletes cannot take their (cycling) powermeters with them when they run and swim. So they want to train with one consistent measurement.

Ben Eccleston

Its possible that its only available in the UK, this is the website http://www.swimovate.com/poolmate.html.
I only got it a few weeks ago but have done a few distance swimming sessions in the pool with it. Its usueful as a lap counter and also for telling you your strokes per length etc so is a useful tool for the pool as means no more lap counting, also haven't noticed any battery issues like mentioned with the Swimsense. It does also produce an efficiency figure but I'm not sure of the value of that but it does give you a means of measuring progress in a crude way. I would be interested to know other peoples opinions on it though.

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